Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cheats and Tips


Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cheats and Tips


Start Collecting Resources Right Away

Every single resource counts! There is only a set amount of resources that appear in each area every day. While you can use Flower Bouquets earned from Daily Check-Ins to respawn all the resources on the island, these are rare to come by, especially at the start.

Many of the resources found on the Seaside Resort area of the island are crucial to progressing swiftly through early game. Explore every nook and cranny to find as much RubberSticks, and Sand Dollars as you can.

Keep an Eye Out For Strawberry Crates

One of the first things My Melody will ask for your help with is tracking down some of the Strawberry Crates that fell around the island when your airplane crash landed. While you only need a handful to help My Melody open up her shop and fix up the first Visitor Cabin, you will need a lot more if you hope to get the island in tip-top shape.

Strawberry Crates can be found all around the island… even down in the ocean! Collect as many Strawberry Crates as you can while out exploring. You will need Strawberry Crates to repair Visitor Cabins you discover in other areas.

Deliver All of My Melody’s Welcome Gifts

Who doesn’t love a little welcome present? Talk with My Melody at the start of the Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and she will ask for your help handing out the Welcome Gifts she had planned to give out to her fellow Sanrio friends (excluding Retsuko).

Finding all of the Characters and giving them their Welcome Gift is crucial to getting started in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Gifting a Character one of My Melody’s Welcome Gifts will instantly make that Character a New Friend. With so much of the story progression locked behind increasing your Friendship level with Characters, you will want to get a head start as soon as possible.