Drift City Leveling Up Cheats


Drift City Leveling Up Cheats


Starting Off: OMD Missions

Early on, the best way to level is just to keep doing missions. Each one gives you a huge portion of the experience you need to the next level and gives a lot of Mito for the time each one takes. In addition, the last mission in each city pays several tens of thousands of Mito. You should have enough missions to do throughout Moon Palace and in part of Koinonia. When you run out of missions, you should HUV farm until the next level, and then continue with the new missions you now have available. You will not permanently run out of missions to do until after you view the ending credits after your last mission at level 71, however experience will be hard to get from the missions while you are forced into ROO from levels 45 through 54. Since you can’t lead a HUV party if you’re in ROO, you should reach level 55 before starting the missions at Oros, and if you’re planning on joining ROO permanently, you should reach level 71 before starting the missions at Oros. The best way to gain experience aside from missions is HUV farming, a technique that allows you to perform HUV chases more quickly and efficiently.

HUV Farming

Farming HUVs is a technique where players find a spot where HUVs have little or no opportunity to turn off an intersection, keeping all of the HUVs in a single area. It allows you to attack the HUVs in a controlled manner where the HUVs have a reduced chance to roam the city. HUV calls happen almost randomly, although, the location the HUVs appear at are dependent on where you are. There are three confirmed spots in the current Drift City world where you can farm HUVs. The first spot is near Station 4 in the city of Koinonia. The second is near Station 1 in Cras. The final spot is the Oros Pure Water Facility Complex near the tollgate to Moon Palace. Recent updates have made HUV farming in parties more favorable than HUV farming alone, but to maintain the highest rate of experience per chase and to promote more calls being accepted over a period of time, the leader of the party should be the highest leveled OMD driver and should only accept calls rather than participating in the chase.

HUV Farming (Solo VS Party)

There are two different ways to HUV Farm, which are either solo the HUVs or party against them. Here are the differences between the twos, advantages and disadvantages.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 1 HUV is VERY LOW compared to -Party HUV- all the time.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 2 HUVs is equal to -Party HUV- Experience of 5-6 HUVs.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 3 HUVs is equal to -Party HUV- Experience of 7-8 HUVs.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 4 HUVs is equal to -Party HUV- Experience of 9-10 HUVs.

Time taken to take down all the HUVs either in solo or a party is also another major factor. If you cannot handle a lot of HUVs on your own and rely a lot on others, do party HUVs. If you’re a skilled player that can take up to 4 HUVs and kill them quickly, do Solo HUVs.

The rate of maximum HUVs (4 for Solo, 10 for Party) is also dependent on luck, so they is really no trick to get max HUVs appearing all the time, and therefore there is no differences between Solo & Party for this factor.

Also, Mito gained in Parties HUVs is slightly higher compared to Solos HUVs.

Oros Pure Water Facility Complex

This farming location isn’t as good as the location in Cras, but this is the only location where the leader of a HUV party can chase with the party without lost efficiency. To HUV farm at this location, the leader should be at the intersection inside the complex, while the other members should be at the intersection south of that intersection. If the leader is chasing, after the chase is over, the leader should go to the eastern end of the intersection closest to the tollgate and the other members should go to the southeastern end of the road south of that intersection. This allows the party to farm in both directions of the same road.