UnderDungeon Cheats and Tips


UnderDungeon Cheats and Tips




The Best Characters you’ll meet


Of course, one of the best characters of the game is the main character. And no, it’s not just because you are playing the main character.

Kimuto is courageous, kind, and willing to put their life on the line to complete their missions.

Despite all the chaos, Kimuto manages to keep a level head through all of it. There are quite a few oddballs throughout the game, but Kimuto hardly ever bats an eye. A true hero, Kimuto is almost always respectful of others.

Secretary Doroty

Early on in the game, you encounter Secretary Doroty. You meet her when you arrive to start your new job. She is a little all over the place, and just the slightest bit frustrating. But she is nice and helps bring you where you need to be.

You probably have encountered somebody just like her, an older woman who has a slight disdain towards the younger crowd. Trying to get a straight answer from her with a bit of a process, but it is well worth it in the end.

Kring Koss

After you arrive almost late for your job, you meet your boss Kring Koss. While Kring Koss may look to be all business, he has a soft spot for those who enjoy lunch just as much as he does.

He is responsible for eventually hiring you, and offers to provide you with a sword to accompany you on your journey. Despite his rough exteriors, Kring Koss is protective and thoughtful of his employees, a true sign of a good boss.

Dr. Zorpius

Dr. Zorpius is one of your very first customers. Your job is to deliver a mop to him, after dodging all the monsters on your way to his laboratory. He is a manufacturer, and creates a ton of different gadgets. He’s also a respected researcher of science within the area.

The doctor is kind and considerate of Kimuto’s safety, along with offering up some of the technology within his laboratory. He is also very cute in his lab coat.


Max is perhaps one of the most helpful characters throughout the game. Similar to another game series you might know, Max is a fairy that spends their time assisting the hero of the game. In technicality, they are the consultant of the company that Kimuto has just started working for.

Max acts as Kimuto’s supervisor on the job. They are responsible for providing you a “good worker’s guide”, along with a map and a backpack. It’s safe to say that, without Max, Kimuto likely would have not gone very far.