WrestleQuest Cheats and Tips


WrestleQuest Cheats and Tips



Pay Attention To The Ropes

Whenever you fight an enemy, the ropes will play a major role in how the match goes. As you or opponents perform different Strikes and Gimmicks, the person getting hit may bounce off the ropes.

When this happens, a quick-time event will appear on the screen, requiring you to push one of the four directions. If you press it before the meter runs out, you’ll perform another attack on the enemy or a counterattack if they throw you against the ropes.

On the other hand, an enemy can counterattack you if you mess up the prompt. You’ll know this is about to happen because the game will zoom in to show the person bouncing off the ropes.

Dealing With Other Action Prompts

You’ll encounter other action prompts while you play the game. Aside from pressing the button in the time limit, you’ll also need to mash or press the confirm button at the right time.

The mash comes up when the enemy tries to attack or pin you. If you don’t mash before the counter reaches three, your character will be knocked out. Make sure to always look at the screen and pay attention when enemies use moves since their Gimmicks can transition into pins.

Whenever you perform a pin, you’ll need to time your button press with the arrow and the green area. If you can’t do it in under ten seconds, the enemy will break free. The enemy will also get out if you mess up the timing, so use those ten seconds to your advantage.

For instance, you can wait for the arrow to be running along the same side as the green zone, making it easier for you to hit it. As long as you get one every three seconds, you’ll complete the pin. However, if you ever mess up the pin and the enemy gets back up, it’ll be easier to do next time.

Speaking of action prompts, you should attempt a pin every time you have the chance to do so. You’ll know you can perform it when the option becomes available in your Gimmicks.

Always Check The Dramatic Moments

Sometimes, you’ll see goals appear on the left side of the screen when a match starts. If nothing appears, you should play out the fight as usual, but if you see goals, you should pay attention to what they say and try to accomplish them since they are your Dramatic Moments.

Even though you’re not obliged to complete those tasks, you’ll get bonus items whenever you do them. You must complete the tasks in order, so don’t try to jump ahead – you won’t get the rewards.

For instance, the first set you come across has you drop the opponent’s health down, pin them, and then let the other opponent break from your pin. Even though some may lead to “losses,” they’re what you’re supposed to do, so you won’t face a Game Over by following them.

The only time you shouldn’t go for a pin immediately is when you have specific goals you must follow that a pin would prevent you from achieving.

Use Tag Team Attacks On Bosses And Lots Of Enemies

Once you get more party members, you’ll start to learn Tag Team Gimmicks. These moves allow you to prepare with one character, and then have your second character perform the attack.

The setup is simple: simply select your Gimmicks, then have the character choose Prepare for a Tag Team. On the other character’s turn, select gimmicks and scroll to the right until you reach Tag Team, then select the move. It’ll usually involve an action prompt you must input.

As you unlock more wrestlers, you can bring out three of them into the ring and even unlock Triple Tag Teams. While these allow you to perform powerful attacks, they cost tons of AP and take quite a bit of setup, so save them for boss fights, or you’ll run low on AP.

In most situations, a standard Gimmick and some Strikes will be more than enough for enemies, so focus on using them. The benefit of the Tag Team moves comes from the fact that some of them will hit all the enemies, allowing you to maximize your damage against a large group.

You’ll naturally unlock Tag Teams as you level up, so feel free to try multiple combinations to see which ones work the best.