Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical Cheats and Tips


Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical Cheats and Tips


This Is A Choices-Matter Game

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is many things, but above all, it’s important to know that your choices have lasting consequences in the game.

Sure, you’ll get to them through the power of song, but almost every decision is a meaningful one in this game, each choice impacting relationships, investigation progress, or even lives.

We won’t give away anything outright in this guide, but you’ll choose two characters to help you in the First Act of the game, and the characters you don’t pick won’t always react warmly to you.

Some decisions are harmless, while others are irreversible and deadly. There are multiple character’s lives on the line, so make your decisions wisely to manipulate fate.

And Those Choices Are Made In Songs

Thankfully, when you’re about to make a truly impactful decision, you’ll know it’s time when the music kicks in – all big decisions are made during musical numbers.

Your decisions for how Grace reacts during them change how the songs play out, sometimes pretty severely. Certain scene’s major songs sound completely different when making a different choice.

Whenever you see the screen narrow with black space on top and bottom, a song is beginning, which means you have a choice to make in a moment.

Throughout the songs, you’ll have timed decisions to make about how Grace should respond to the character she’s singing with.

Grace Gets One Of Three Traits, Which Impact Her Available Responses

We cover it in more detail in a separate guide, but in Act One, you’ll choose one of three natures for Grace, which then inform which dialogue options you can choose throughout the game.

The three traits are:

  • Charming, which makes Grace better at dealing with people and feelings, especially more sensitive ones.
  • Kickass, which sees Grace unafraid of fighting for what she needs, sometimes literally.
  • Clever, which leads to intuiting several pieces of information you may not otherwise have known yet.

While you’ll get a second trait before Act Three begins, the one you choose at the beginning of the game is Grace’s primary trait, and you’ll go through the majority of the game with it.

There are responses you’ll be locked out of choosing based solely on the trait you gave Grace, and there are a few points throughout the game where this can make or break relationships with certain characters. Choose wisely!

Understand The Dialogue Symbols

You’ll notice before long in Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical that there are occasionally symbols next to dialogue choices as you play through scenes.

These symbols denote a number of different things, which are related to traits, relationships, and game progress.

  • green star marks answers only Charming Grace can select.
  • A red rock-on fist means only Kickass Grace can choose this option.
  • blue lightbulb show answers exclusive to Clever Grace.
  • question mark is an optional inquisitive remark, offering background information and further dialogue options.
  • pink heart is a remark that will be taken as flirting by the person you’re speaking with.
  • broken heart is a relationship-breaker if you’re pursuing someone as a romantic option.
  • No symbol next to dialogue means you’ll segue to the next part of the scene after choosing that option.