Moving Out 2 Cheats and Tips


Moving Out 2 Cheats and Tips


Prioritize Smaller Items

Each facility you excavate will have a number of moveable items, both big and small. The idea behind each level, really, is to shift every last trinket into the moving truck in the allotted time; the smoother the transition, the higher the rating. That’s all pretty straightforward stuff, so you needn’t worry about getting drowned out by convoluted story arcs or drawn-out objectives. Your goal, in short, is to work your way through each room and bung whatever it is you find within your grasp into the extraction zone. Simple.

Having said all that, there is a method you should follow in order to make the moving experience a little easier. To put it short, you’ll want to remove all the smaller items first, followed by the cluttered pieces that block any potential exit point. Doing this will allow you to move bigger items later on, and without the risk of damaging other smaller items along the way. In other words, prioritizing smaller objects will give you the flexibility to shift heavier products further down the line. So, if you can help it, try and refrain from throwing a lawnmower out of the window until after you’ve swept the crags and crevices around it.

Jump and Pivot

There are several tactical maneuvers that you can use in Moving Out, though the one you’ll be wanting to utilize the most is the jump and pivot ability. To cut to the chase — jumping makes you move faster, which means more time on the clock to spare, and an even better final rating to boot. If you can jump as frequently as possible—and with small items in your possession, no less—you’ll come to whittle down those early levels a lot sooner, which will lead to more perks.

It is worth pointing out that, while jumping can aid you in most situations, doing so when armed with a heavier piece can often lead to disastrous results. In other words, don’t attempt a pole vault down a set of stairs if you’re intending to keep those fish in the tank alive. Everything else, well, just go with it. PIVOT!

 Stack Accordingly

When it comes to loading all of your items onto the truck, you’re going to want to do it in a particular order. First, you’ll want to remove all items from the property, and then separate them into three piles: heavy, light, and fragile. Once you’ve successfully managed to extract everything, you’ll want to start out by loading up the heavy items, which will provide you with a protective layer for your next items — the light, and the fragile. Next, you’ll want to stack the light items onto the middle layer, and then the fragile items at the very top. This will stop anything that’s even remotely valuable from breaking under pressure.

Of course, if you’re planning on going for gold, then you’ll need to pick up the pace and load up the three layers as quickly as possible. Do yourself a favor here and practice with each level a few times, if only to get used to the routes and the layouts of each map. And if you do happen to score a bronze or silver, try not to fret — there’s always next time.