30XX Cheats and Tips


30XX Cheats and Tips


Tips for Starting Out

Dying a lot is expected if you don’t have a lot of experience with platforming shooters, though if the difficulty bothers you, there are player assist/accessibility options you can enable to make the game easier.

You can reduce damage taken (down to 20%), reduce enemy health (down to 20%), and reduce the game speed (also down to 20%, so 5x slower).

There’s also two game modes, Standard and Mega Mode.

Standard mode is the regular mode, in which you get one life, and less stage selection choices available after each stage. If you die, the run is over, and you start back at level 1 with all items collected lost, except for your “memoria” which is the meta progression currency.

In Megamode, you get a hub where you can select the stage you want to tackle first, you can also change characters in this hub if you’d like, as well as shop and spend your “nuts” currency between each of these stage. Dying will only send you back to the hub, and you can keep retrying stages as many times as you’d like, without them changing, allowing you to learn from your mistakes and tackle them again.

Keep in mind though that trying to start in Megamode at “level 8”, while possible to beat if you’re good, will still give you a hard time. It’s usually best to start at the bottom and work your way upwards in the stage selection choices, as the bottom stages are the easiest (levels 1 through 3).

If you have no experience with platforming shooters or roguelite-gameplay, Megamode is definitely the mode I’d recommend first to help ease you into the experience.

Once you start acquiring Memoria for permanent upgrades you should prioritise Salvager Circuit, Dally’s Blessing, and Rite of Rebeginning.

  • Salvager Circuit lets you acquire Scrap in place of Augs that you might not want, which you can spend at a vendor that you encounter in the levels for cool items including Armour parts.
  • Dally’s Blessing gives you a Weapon or Core part right at the very start of a run giving you a potent boost in your fighting power.
  • Rite of Rebeginning gives you essentially a second health bar. It functions kinda-sorta like Sub Tanks from Megaman X where you have to fill them up with health pickups first, then they’ll fill your health bar back up when you die.


Gameplay Tips

Go for attack damage, especially the aug that gives you +1 attack damage at the start of every stage. If you can get a few of those you’re golden. Enemies dropping health is your second priority. Movement speed is also key, since you can.

Put on the modifier that makes each stage longer to +2. This gets you a lot more opportunities to get augs before the difficulty ramps up.

Turn on some visibility options. I turned on a black border around the player, enemies, and projectiles, and faded the background to white by 10%. This would make a really good default, to be honest.