Gord Cheats and Tips


Gord Cheats and Tips


Carry over veterans and bring on green-faced subjects into new maps.

In the campaign mode of Gord, you’ll progress through different maps. Each map will require you to make a new gord and complete objectives to proceed to the next. But before starting one, you must choose which subjects you’ll bring.

We recommend having a balance of older veterans with high proficiencies in gathering or combat and wearing good equipment from past maps and green-faced adults. Since Gord has an aging system, older subjects are liable to die, and you’ll want to pave the way for younger subjects if the vets suddenly croak.

Explore around your gord when starting a new map.

Once established in your gord on a new map, you should send out an Axe Wielder and Scout to circle the surrounding area of your base. Getting a lay of the land is crucial for understanding where subjects can gather, the number of enemies in the area, and the treasures nearby.

Pay attention to where subjects are gathering.

One minute, subjects out collecting clay and wood are close to your gord, and in the next, they’re pushing into unknown territory and are nearly dead. Due to gathering points drying up over time, subjects will automatically pivot to other areas if one is available.

Keep tabs on them and make adjustments, like sending out patrols or planting fireflies nearby to keep their Sanity high. If you want more control, you can manually choose where subjects go from their assigned building.

Make a Temple and Meadery ASAP!

The Temple and Meadery buildings are very useful and can be game-changing.

With a Temple, you can unlock access to Incantations to sap the lifeforce from enemies, buff subjects, clear fog of war, or summon an ethereal decoy to turn a bad situation around in a pinch. The Meadery is used to manage the Sanity meter of subjects, increasing their resilience to being in the dark or seeing others die in front of them.

If you don’t take care of your people, they will break down, get sick, and potentially lead to the death of others. Both buildings provide different ways of supporting your subjects that are incredibly vital to surviving in Gord.


Once you can gather clay and metal, start planning to upgrade buildings or strengthen your gord against enemy raids. Making certain buildings better will increase resource distribution, attack speed, and unlock more Incantations. As you dive deeper into the unknown, having a fully decked-out gord makes exploration more manageable.