Quake II - Enhanced Edition Cheats and Tips


Quake II – Enhanced Edition Cheats and Tips





You can customize the controls in the game to make things easier for yourself. This can be accessed in the Options Menu of the game.

The Computer Button (Default cn_Y), will give you a box telling you what your Primary and Secondary Objectives are, how many secrets there are in the level your playing and the number of enemies and objectives there are in the level your in. If you get lost you can use this to help guide you. It won’t however point you in the direction you need to go, so you’ll have to figure that out yourself.

Your Inventory Button (Default cn_left), gives you a list of all the items you collect. You can press cn_up and cn_down to scroll through them and choose an item. Press cn_right to select them. The number on the left side of the Inventory List tells you how many items you have. For instance if you have 2 Quad Damages, it will be presented saying you have collected 2 Quad Damages.

Be aware that if you open the Computer/Inventory Button you are still vulnerable to being attacked. Ensure you are in a quiet area if you decide to use them.

The difficulty in this game alters the amount of features in the game. Choosing the Easy Difficulty will allow you to carry unlimited power-ups and have fewer enemies. Choosing the Hard Difficulty will only allow you to carry one of every type of power-up and you will have more enemies. Some enemies in various levels will also be replaced by stronger ones.

Quake II features Secret Areas. These areas contain items which can aid in your quest, such as power-up’s and weapons. Your Computer Field will tell you how many there are in a level and once you’ve found a secret, the computer will notify you on your screen.

You will find that if you are fully healed in health, or if you have too much armor or ammo, your character will just walk over the items without picking them up. If you get hurt and lose a lot of health/armor, an idea is to backtrack and pick up whatever you left behind. Doing this could help save your life. You can also use the same method if you have run out of ammo on a particular gun you have been using.

You don’t have to have a Grenade Launcher to launch Grenades. Quake II contains a unique feature that allows you throw Hand Grenades as well. You can cook Hand Grenades to allow them to explode quicker near/on enemies.