Dust & Neon Cheats and Tips


Dust & Neon Cheats and Tips



The Difficulties

Despite this being a roguelike, the game does have multiple difficulty levels. Players can begin the game on either Easy or Normal, but they can’t change it after the fact, unlike most games. Even on Easy, the game is not going to be forgiving. This is a true roguelike through and through meaning that it will be a grind. So, even for the most hardcore, Easy is not a bad way to go.

The difficulty choices overall should feel like a big win for beginners to the genre as they are often some of the most challenging games on the market. Most roguelikes tend to have assist options in favor of difficulty levels which would have been fine for Dust & Neon too. Perhaps the game will get some more accessibility later down the line with patches.

Upgrades To Mainline

On a run, players will collect experience points that then convert into ability points to feed into a skill tree back at home base. Unlocking these abilities will be permanent and it should be stated that these points cannot be lost in death unlike some roguelikes out there. Players can either put points into Combative or Defensive slots in the skill tree.

For Dust & Neon, and most roguelikes, it’s best to stick with Defensive. Be sure to unlock skills to get more health, skills that will heal players more with healing kits, and skills that return damage with a counter shield. Power level through this Defensive wing to unlock the final tier which has a skill that can have a chance of reviving the player. That is the ultimate ability in the game and should be unlocked and upgraded to the max as soon as possible.

Don’t Waste Cores On Chests Or Doors

There are two types of currencies in the game besides the ability points to level up the character. Money can be used at various shops in the HUB world to purchase things like guns and mods. Cores are another type of currency that can unlock new facilities in the HUB world or increase their potential. One example will allow players to keep a certain amount of money after they perish on a run.

Typically roguelikes reset all progress, but dumping money into facility upgrades will make the loss of life less damning. Be sure not to waste Cores while playing in a level to unlock certain chests and doors. That will be a waste of good Cores as tempting as they may be to unlock.

Weapon Tips

There are three types of guns players will unlock in Dust & Neon. There are pistols, shotguns, and rifles. All three gun types use different capacities of ammo. Each gun also has its particular uses while on a level. Pistols are the overall most well-rounded gun of the bunch, which should be used for individual encounters.

Shotguns are useful to take out swarms of enemies that are about to attack. The spread of the bullets will eliminate groups of enemies quicker in this way. Rifles then are often the most powerful, meaning they are good against the highest-ranking robots in the game. This includes bosses as well, which should be obvious. Overall, the game has a nice variety of randomly generated guns for a roguelike although not as much as Enter the Gungeon.