Madden NFL 24 Passing Cheats


Madden NFL 24 Passing Cheats


Madden 24 brings a brand new skill-based passing system, which includes three different ways you can throw the ball. The three new passing styles include:

  • Placement And Power
  • Placement And Accuracy
  • Classic

Now, players have three different ways to pass the ball in Madden 24. But which one is the best, and how can you change the setting later on? Our guide gives you a complete rundown on the different skill-based passing mechanics, how to use them, and overall passing controls.

How To Use The New Skill-Based Passing Systems in Madden 24?

When starting Madden 24, the game lets you test all the different passing types. But if you wanted to change it later, here’s how.

How To Change Passing Type

To change your passing type, follow these steps:

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Under Game Options, scroll to “Passing Mechanics”
  3. Go to Passing Type, and select your preferred system.

Let’s go over the new types of passing in Madden 24:

Placement and Power is a skill-based passing system that emphasizes, you guessed it, ball placement and power. This means the accuracy of your throw is determined by the player’s ratings.

Placement and Accuracy is currently the best passing type in the game, enabling a timing element for for more accurate throws. You get to see visually where your pass is going. Using the left-stick, you can manipulate even more where you intend the pass to go. While it takes time getting used to, we find it gives us more control.

Classic Passing uses what’s referred to as classic Madden passing controls. In reality, this option takes away most of the control when it comes passing, and you really just leave everything to chance. In our opinion, this passing type seems to be the worst, with most balls going past the receiver and often intercepted.

A great way to test out which one works for you is to either do a quick play match or mini-game drill. We prefer the drill, as you can stay on offense without having to punt the ball or get it back.





Madden 24 In-Depth Passing Controls

Here are the controls for both PS and Xbox players on how to perform specific types of passes in Madden 24:

Action PlayStation 5/4 Xbox Series X|S / One
Throw Receiver 1 Square X
Throw Receiver 2 Circle B
Throw Receiver 3 Triangle Y
Throw Receiver 4 X A
Throw Receiver 5 R1 RB
Low Pass Receiver Button + Hold L2 Receiver Button + Hold LT
High Pass Receiver Button + Hold L1 Receiver Button + Hold LB
Bullet Pass Hold Receiver Button Hold Receiver Button
Touch Pass Press Receiver Button Press Receiver Button

Pressure and Pass Inaccuracy – Tips and Tricks

Depending on how much pressure the QB faces on the play, his accuracy will be affected. So if a defender is about to sack you before you throw, chances are your pass may end up being inaccurate. So you kind of need to predict who’s going to get open. Typically, Hot route receivers tend to be a favorite option, but there’s nothing wrong with the occasional check-down, drag routes, and slants.

Other factors that affect QB accuracy include (but are not limited to):

  • Scrambling out of the pocket
  • Over-the shoulder or cross-body throws
  • Running to the weak side
  • On-the-run throws

Overall, staying still comfortably in the pocket allows you to be the best passer your player can be. That being said, it’s perfectly fine to break out, throw on the run, or across the body. Just note that these things may affect the accuracy of your pass.