Immortals of Aveum Combat Cheats


Immortals of Aveum Combat Cheats



Taking the role of a Magnus,  you’ll need to use all of the tools and every spell at Jak’s disposal in order to survive the Everwar. As you fight through battlefields, drop out of the sky into dangers untold, and take on foes that can rend the world, you must show no fear and no hesitation in combat.

To get ready for Immortals of Aveum™, this guide will prepare you for the fights to come against larger-than-life adversaries and the armies of Rasharn.







First thing’s first: Every Magnus needs a sigil, and as a Triarch, you’ll get to use three at a time. A sigil is your tool to channel your magic into unique spells across the three colors of magic: Force (blue), Chaos (red), and Life (green). These are what help turn you into a weapon on the battlefield and will influence how you play, much like weapons in other games.

Equipping a sigil changes which primary spel. (i.e Strike) is active for each type of magic. All three colors of magic have multiple sigil variants to suit your playstyle. In other words, not all blue sigils function the same. Some will shoot faster or have more charges. Some will shoot beams of magic while others will act almost like an arcane javelin. Balancing which sigils you equip to fit both your playstyle and the challenges you face will be key to your success.


Let’s examine the different types of attacks for each sigil.

Blue Sigils: Long-ranged and precise

  • Shrikebolt – Precise and long range Blue Magic bolts, Shrikebolts are great to bring into any fight
  • Arclight – A beam of Blue Magic that pierces all enemies in its path 
  • Javelin – Charge up a blast of Blue Magic then launch it at long range enemies 

Red Sigils: Explosive, concussive blasts

  • Breachfire – Release multiple wide bursts of Red Magic, great for dealing with groups of enemies
  • Burstfire – Launch a ball of Red Magic that detonates after a short distance 
  • Fragfire – A wide burst of Red Magic that staggers enemies who dare to get too close 

Green Sigils: Rapid-fire homing barrages

  • Seekershards – Launch of a volley of accurate homing projectiles 
  • Stormshards – Pelt fast-moving enemies with Green Magic that seeks out and rapidly damages targets 
  • Maelstrom – Rapid fire Green Magic projectiles but slows the caster’s movement

Sigils can be found throughout Aveum. You can craft them in the Forge, purchase them from vendors with currency you earn in-game, obtain them through rewards from tough fights, or find them in caches around the world. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover higher tier sigils that can boost your Strike spells, such as increasing damage or range, faster reload, or larger capacity. Each sigil has its own perks, stats, and outputs, so be sure to try different ones out!

Totems & Control Spells 

Just like with your sigils, you will also have totems, powerful magical objects aspected to each type of magic that influence how you interact with both the world and combat. Each totem has a control spell associated with it that will change how you play.

  • Blue Magic Chains
    • Lash spell allows you to pull in smaller enemies or pull yourself towards large enemies
    • Grapple to specific anchor points throughout the enviro best for you.
  • Red Magic Lenses
    • Disrupt will disorient and stun enemies with well-timed precision hits
    • Splice its focusing beam to solve puzzles and unlock secrets across Aveum.
  • Green Magic Vials
    • Limpets will progressively slow down enemies and objects with each magic blob that sticks to it
    • They also slow enemies and can be ignited with your red magic to create explosion

While your sigils can be reloaded at any time (and don’t require ammo), your totems have cooldowns, requiring you to use them thoughtfully in combat. Different totems you equip will have different capacities, cooldowns, and potencies, so make sure you try out different ones to find what works best for you.