Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Cheats


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Cheats


Simple Ways to Gain Points and Multipliers

As the game is new, I wanted to share some ways one can gain points and multipliers in a simple manner.


Please keep in mind that as the game is new said methods come from experience and are not the best. This is written more as a way to share ideas on the simplest ways to score points.

Now, there are two factors: Multipliers and points.

For multipliers, the simplest method is turning. When you’re on a rail and you’re about to make a turn, lean to the same side. This will give you a multiplier. Another way to gain multiplier is to ride on billboards, but rails and turns should do.

As for points, besides doing tricks, one way is to slide. This not only keeps your combo chain, but it also gives you points.

By clicking both the boost button and one of the buttons for a trick you get a lot of points compared to normal tricks. Doing different graffiti rather than the same designs also gives more points.

In combination, this should be enough to get you started. I want to again mention that these tricks might not be the best. They’re simply an observation that I wanted to share.