A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection Cheats


A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection Cheats


Fall under the grass. NES

In this glitch, you need to give the Blob a Root Beer jellybean so he can take you to the grasslands. Then give the Blob a Punch jellybean so he can turn into a hole. then press whistle to turn him back. While he is turning back, go back into the whole while he is still a whole. You should be still be deeper in the grass even though the Blob is no longer a hole. Then while still deeper in the grass, keep walking right until you fall into the cave. Do that same trick again and walk right. You will notice that you are nowhere, that is good. You can you this glitch to pass all of the pointless parts until you see the boiling pot at the end.

Brick Blob Transformation NES

First, throw a Honey Jellybean at the Blob for him to eat. While he is transforming, throw a Ketchup Jellybean at the blob, and if done correctly, the Blob will transform into a Brick. What purpose this serves is beyond me, but it is a fun ”hidden secret” to test out.

Extra Vitamins NES

First, you will have to collect all of the hidden treasure in the lower areas (near the sewers and subway station) of the game. Once all of the treasure has been collected (there is a little bar on the playing screen showing how many treasures have been collected), head back to the beginning of the level and go to the far east (right) of the level to find the Vitamin Shop, which was once closed, is now open and you will receive a whole bunch of Extra Vitamins.

Destroy Enemies on Blobs Planet with Coconut NES

After arriving at the place with blue sky and green grass, turn Blob into a coconut.
Throw him towards the right and as soon as he leaves the screen, count to about 16 seconds and Whistle.
Blob will stand up and you will see fruit falling from the trees and exploding.
Doing this kills the enemies allowing you to run all the way up to the corn field without having to deal with any enemies