Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Cheats


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Cheats


Easily Obtainable ATK Stat Boost Materia Fusion Material

In Chapter 8 when you have access the Shinra Mansion basement you can fight an enemy called Sahagin which is guarenteed to drop a key item called the “Coffin Key”. You can continue to fight this enemy an unlimited amount of times and it is easy to kill. This key item while it can only be obtained in Chapter 8 to solve a quest, you can continually fight the enemy and obtain an unlimited amount.

This Key Item can then be used in Materia Fusion to increase any Materia that has an ATK bonus, and can be used as a substitute to Hero Drink.

Alternatively you can use a Hero Drink to change any materia stat bonus to an ATK, and then use the “Coffin Key” to max the stats then change it to a different stat bonus with any of the the 7 Materials that do so.

Early Cursed Ring

After you exit the briefing room for the first time, and you finish up the basic tutorial. You are told about the Soldier Supply box where you can obtain 1 item before you go on a mission. After you obtain your item, if you keep trying to obtain another item a fellow soldier operative will tell you not to be greedy. If you are persistent enough, after trying for the 20th time, you will obtain a second item a Cursed Ring.