Hitman Trilogy Cheats


Hitman Trilogy Cheats


The Bird in the Basement PS4

In Whittleton Creek, there is a house for sale. In the basement of said house, you can find a vault hidden behind a security door and a hallway of explosive lasers.

You can easily open the security door with the nearby key card, and the lasers can be disabled at the panel, but the vault itself is seemingly inaccessible. However, if you open the garage of the home and ring the doorbell 5 times, the door will open to reveal a pretty creepy Easter egg.

The Flight of the Flamingo PS4

In Miami, after killing your targets, obtain a mascot disguise. Make your way to the helipad at the top of the Kronstadt building. You will need to open a gate to get to it (you can use a lockpick or even shoot it to open it).

You will be able to receive a special exit that is unique to this disguise.

Note that if you have trouble locating the helipad in this disguise, you can reach it easily by going to the second floor of the Kronstadt building. There is a room near the robot testing area (down the hall 1 door to the right) where there are 2 scientists working on arms. Sprint to that room and run past them into a computer room with a side door. In this room, you can climb up a pole up one floor and make a mad dash to the helipad. Just look for the highest exit symbol if you need a guide.