Fae Farm Cheats and Tips


Fae Farm Cheats and Tips



Keep 10 of every item you find

As you romp through Fae Farm, you’ll discover a range of unique items, from crops, to gemstones, to ores. What the game doesn’t tell you early on is that most of these ingredients will come in handy in later parts of the game – so you should refrain from selling everything you own, even if you want to horde cash for tool upgrades or seed purchases.

Keep at least 10 units of every unique item you discover, and you’ll be able to solve a bunch of essential story quests with ease. In the early stages of the game, we’d highly recommend keeping all discovered ore, and items like topaz, peridot, aquamarine, citrine, sand, sand dollars, coral, and silt. All play a part in quests – and you’ll appreciate having a stockpile. Trust us.

Unlock fast travel points as soon as possible

In Fae Farm, you can travel a vast open world, home to several themed biomes. In the early stages of the game, you’ll need to run between these gathering items – and it takes a good long while to flit between realms. To avoid frustration, you should unlock the game’s fast travel mechanics as soon as possible.

In your travels, you’ll find special pedestals throughout the world of Azoria, with each demanding a unique Seal. These can be crafted using the Seal Crafting Station (unlocked in the early game chapters, and craftable via the main farm patch) – and you should make extra effort to craft the right seals before you think about plundering endless dungeons.

Grab the materials that you need for the Seal in your current region, and for the Seal on your home ranch, and place these as soon as possible. You’ll save yourself a whole bunch of time, and reduce some of the frustration of revisiting dungeons.

Don’t try to ‘brute force’ your way through dungeons

There are two ways you can explore dungeons in Fae Farm: by tackling each level in a dungeon, hoping your stamina and health keep up as you head to the bottom, or by ‘saving’ your place on each floor by placing a level Seal as you enter. These Seals will allow you to travel to any floor – but they must be placed in strict descending order.

Realistically, it’s not feasible to stomp through every dungeon and make it to the bottom in a single go. Your stamina and health aren’t built for it. Rather, the best use of your time is to gather the required Seal ingredients on every floor, and then craft as many Seals as you possibly can, to steadily advance your progress.

Typically, you will need six Seals of every kind in your journey, with ingredients for Seals on lower floors behind hidden away in more dangerous, lower floors. The best way to tackle this challenge is to collect enough ingredients for six Seals (which can save you about four floors) – then head out of the dungeon, craft new Seals, and then head back in for more.

Eventually, you will reach the bottom.

Also important to note is that when you access the fast travel system in each dungeon, the items on each floor are detailed, based on spread. If you’re looking for a particular item, note the chance of discovery listed.