The Crew Motorfest Gaining Money Quickly


The Crew Motorfest Gaining Money Quickly


How to get money FAST in The Crew Motorfest

The Crew Motorfest is all about playlists. With 15 playlists from launch, The Crew Motorfest celebrates the best of car culture.

The easiest way to earn money in The Crew Motorfest is by winning races in these playlists. However, not every race is easy to win, and some races can be quite long. You want to run short races if possible to rack up the money quicker.

Luckily, there are two playlists perfect for short races but high payouts.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed but lucrative experience, then the Hawaii Scenic Tour is for you. The highest single payout is 37.5k credits, but there are also a couple of other races over 30k to help boost your books.

The races are also short and easy to win, so you can build up a nice cash flow relatively quickly.

Massive payday

The Hawaii Scenic Tour is great for consistently building money, but the Liberty Walk playlist is great if you want a single large payout. To unlock the Liberty Walk playlist you need to first start the Made In Japan playlist. Once you’ve completed the first couple of races, Liberty Walk unlocks.

Liberty Walk for the most part has smaller payouts than the Hawaii Scenic Tour, but it saves the best for last. Completing the final race in the Liberty Walk playlist rewards players with a 62.6k payout.

These payouts sound great, but these are just for individual races. Completing a full playlist leads to a massive payday of 75k credits, perfect for new players looking to get money fast.

Playlists in The Crew Motorfest are replayable, so if you need another quick money maker, just hop back into one of these playlists and reap the rewards.