Gloomhaven Cheats and Tips


Gloomhaven Cheats and Tips


Have A Solid Squad

It may seem like a no-brainer, but having regulars is an important must as the last thing players want is friends who are unable to make sessions or are just here for the one-off adventure. That’s fine if it’s the case, but imagine having to explain the rules constantly to newcomers. It’s exhausting. Like Dungeons and Dragons or any story-based RPG, players will want regulars who’ll grow their understanding of the game with them.

Another tip is to designate roles. Although it’s possible to switch up the mercenary roster throughout the playthrough, players will also be leveling up their guys with new abilities. Moreover, it takes time to understand how a particular mercenary will play. The advice is to stick to one main mercenary and then try out other mercenaries as and when they are unlocked.

Grasp The Rules

Another no-brainer that has to be mentioned, people do not, repeat, do not want to get into the game blind and without any knowledge of how it’s played. This isn’t a casual experience to just waltz into, especially if one doesn’t have a seasoned player who understands the mechanics alongside them.

Those who have the digital version of the board game should play through the tutorial and get their squad to play through it as well. Players should be sure to spend some time watching how it’s played too. There are several channels on YouTube that specialize in teaching board games clearly and succinctly.

Be Aggressive

With all that out of the way, it’s finally time to get into the game. One thing that new players should take into account is that there is a hidden timer in each dungeon instance. If players run out of cards in hand, their mercenary will become exhausted and ‘die’.

Players will need to switch up their tactics to either swiftly take out enemies or play a little more defensively. As much as the game favors aggressive play though, mercenaries who are ‘squishy’ or play more of a support role need to be careful of their positioning and avoid being caught in compromising positions. One quick tip is to keep moving forward and open all the doors within a dungeon early on, as enemies will funnel and pursue players.

Time That Rest

In Gloomhaven, the number of cards in hand act as a sort of stamina bar, meaning that running out of cards equates to a mercenary becoming exhausted. When players discard at least two to three of their cards, they may feel the temptation to rest and get those powerful attacks or abilities back in hand.

However, doing so can potentially exhaust a mercenary a lot quicker than players would like. It’s actually best to go through most of the card roster before deciding to rest up.

Be Careful Of Opening Doors

As much as the game favors aggressive play and players have been recommended to open those dungeon doors quickly, the mercenary that does it is very important. Enemies will usually be drawn to the nearest mercenary, and this includes ranged foes.

Therefore, it is advised that players use a tank or rogue that can take the oncoming damage or turn invisible. Items can also help in this situation. Ending a turn at an open door can potentially lead to a barrage of enemy attacks. If a mercenary is squishy or ill-suited to facing multiple attacks, they’re done for. With this in mind, if players must use a mercenary like this to open a door, they should wait until the start of the next turn to do so.