Party Animals Beginner Tips


Party Animals Beginner Tips


Party Animals Beginner Tips for Beast Football

The objective of Beast Football is simple. Run the ball into the wall in your opponent’s goal to score. It’s not enough to drop the ball on the striped floor — it must hit the wall. The rules aren’t complicated, but you should keep a few things in mind. 

Stay behind at the start

I know you want to bash heads with the enemy team right away, but I recommend that at least one team member stay back. The team brawl at the start doesn’t usually award the more aggressive team with the ball. In fact, the ball usually pings across the field, so while everyone else is busy beating each other up, you can grab the ball and gain some ground. 

This strategy works far better than it should and yields plenty of easy wins.

Use the Drop Kick attack

When your opponent has the ball, it can be hard to take it from them, even if they are alone. If you’re chasing, use the Drop Kick attack (jump+attack) to stop them in their tracks. Grabbing is a decent option if you’re close enough, but a Drop Kick can stun your opponent so you can take the ball uncontested. 

Zig Zag

In a game like Party Animals with comically loose controls, Zig Zagging is a powerful tool in your arsenal. If you’re running with the ball and being chased, strafe left and right as you move. This movement makes it very hard for opponents to grab you and counters the Drop Kick I recommended earlier. 

The speed will take time to get used to as if you Zig Zag too fast, you don’t move enough to get any benefits. Once you’ve nailed the timing, you can get away with murder and even outplay multiple opponents.

Sprint in moderation

Sprinting with the ball may seem like the most obvious tactic, but it doesn’t always work. In Party Animalsthe football field slopes up at either side. If you’re sprinting up a hill, you will sometimes let go of the ball, especially when the terrain is very steep. I’m unsure exactly what causes this, but I score more goals when I slow down and rely on Zig Zagging for the final stretch.

Dodge Roll > Sprinting

Sprinting is a great way to cover distance quickly, but you’re so much faster if you roll instead. As players start to get good at Beast Football, I expect to see rolling used more often. You have less control than with sprinting, but if you need to be somewhere in a hurry, throw a few rolls into your movement.

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