Resident Evil 4 Remake Defeating Black Robe Boss Cheat


Resident Evil 4 Remake Defeating Black Robe Boss Cheat



Evasion is Key

You don’t have to face the Black Robe head-on. It is highly recommended that you keep your distance and evade as much as possible, shooting only when the you have a clear shot. Additionally, you can also evade its close-range attacks whenever the prompt appears.

Shoot the One with Glowing Red Eyes

In both instances where you face the Black Robe, it will create illusory copies of itself to overwhelm you. While these phantoms can certainly deal damage, attacking them will only waste precious ammo. Instead bide your time until you find the one with glowing red eyes.

Use Melee Attacks to Save Ammo

Use Melee Attacks on the Black Robe

After landing a few shots to the Black Robe, a prompt will appear above its head. Use your Grapple Melee attack to deal significant damage to the Black Robe while saving your ammo.

Use Frag Grenades to Deal With Multiple Illusions

If you’re getting cornered by multiple illusory copies of Black Robe, you can use a Frag Grenade to take them out instantly. It’s best to lure Black Robe and its copies into one area before throwing your Frag Grenade to get rid of all the copies and damage the real one at the same time.

Rewards for Beating the Black Robe

Walking Nightmare Challenge