Bit.Trip Runner Cheats and Tips


Bit.Trip Runner Cheats and Tips


  • Hold JUMP to keep C.V. in mid-air for a little longer, and let go of the JUMP key to make him fall faster. Also, make a small, short jump by giving the JUMP key a small tap. Precisely controlling how C.V. jumps and lands is the first part of pulling off precise moves.
  • Hold SLIDE while in mid-air to begin sliding the instant you touch the ground. There’ll be a lot of areas where you have to jump over an obstacle, and then have to immediately slide under another.
  • You can also continue a SLIDE right off a ledge, or down a flight of stairs, if you keep your SLIDE key held. Handy for ducking certain low-hanging obstacles.
  • Let go of the SLIDE key and immediately re-press it to snag a gold bar stuck between two low-hanging obstacles. For instance, between two spiders in a Bonus Challenge.
  • You can hold the SPRING key to bounce off it the instant you touch it, but don’t. Instead, SPRING from the exact middle of a pad; there’s some gold bars that you can only collect when you make a perfect arc through the air.
  • The KICK move lasts less than half a second, and can’t exactly be spammed. Like everything else, it requires precise timing.
  • You can KICK while jumping or falling at any time.
  • In the levels that have Beats to reflect, you can hold the BLOCK bar in front of you indefinitely (except when you SLIDE).
  • JUMP over bouncing RED blocks; SLIDE under bouncing PURPLE blocks.


The not-so-obvious achieves, and how to get them:


During a Bonus Challenge, run right into a monster spider.


Let C.V. get bonked right in the mouth, right in front of a BURGER MOUTH billboard.


Complete an entire Zone (Impetus, Tenacity, or Triumph), from the first level to the Boss, without quiting the game or exiting back to the main menu. To minimize rage, switch to EASY Difficulty and swing through Impetus.


Deliberately run into an obstacle after missing a Gold Bar. If you’re playing on PERFECT Difficulty, you’ll automatically get bonked when you miss a Gold Bar, which also hands you this achieve.


You should get this achievement if, as per the thumbnail, C.V. and a giant fish jump into the air at exactly the same time. Can be done on any Difficulty, and as early as level 2-1.


Miss the SPRING right at the end of 3-BOSS: The Source, and fall comically to your doom. Derp.


You actually need a Double-PERFECT: A PERFECT on any level, plus a PERFECT on the Bonus Challenge that follows. Only obtainable on NORMAL or PERFECT Difficulty.


Once you’ve defeated the final boss, patiently sit through the “ending” cutscene, the credits, and the not-so-secret epilogue cutscene all the way through; no skipping!