Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos Beginner Tips


Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos Beginner Tips


You can’t buy seeds in the shops. Instead, you have to approach the red wisps that are just about everywhere. They give you bags of seed and offer quite some variety from the first. The purple wisps that you find from time to time are much more flighty. You approach them crouching. They give more bags than one and sometimes more special seeds. Later on in the game, the stores will start selling some seeds, but only sparingly.

Near Providence, you will see the stone statue in a semi-circle, resembling the Harvest Goddess. Examine it, and a tiny Harvest Goddess appears, further progressing the story. Also, at the statue, you can exchange Harvest Wisp Fruit.

The shrine for the Harvest Goddess, a statue depicting her in stone

Dotted across the landscape, you will find Harvest Wisp Fruit dotted around the world map. Try to get those, as it will give you benefits. You can exchange 3 Wisp Fruit for more stamina (one extra heart) or give Wisp Fruit for a bigger bag. You will have to choose whether you want to upgrade your items bag, or the one for seeds and flowers or materials. And it gives you only three slots more.

As mentioned, there is a huge number of different crops to harvest. As far as I can see now, there are 163 different crops, 68 different flowers, 37 items to forage, 140 recipes, 67 different fish, 54 different ores and processed metals and 85 different animals, where a calf and a cow count separately.

The varieties in crops and flowers happen when you use fertilizer. The ores can be processed at Doc Jr’s for a small price, after which they can be used as building materials.

The Search Function is brilliant. Everything you have encountered once can be searched for on the world map. Even the animals you meet in the wild. Sadly, though, it doesn’t work for fruit harvested from trees. In a way, this makes sense. After all, you can chop the tree and then it would be gone!

In the example below I’ve searched for the tiger that I met once. You go to the overworld map, press Y and choose as many as 16 things to search for!

The search screen in the overworld map, where I have searched for a tiger

These are the locations of tigers on the world map

Accessing your storage in every shop: one quality of life addition that I love is accessing my storage in every shop in every town. See the little cabinet next to the counter? Through that, you can access your own stuff. Comes in very handy when fulfilling quests.

Wood (lumber) can be used for several things. For two items, board lumber and square lumber, you’ll get the a recipe and a crafting table fairly early in the game. You can also have Doc Jr make white picket fences with wood. And that doesn’t only service the purpose of looking good. A field surrounded by these fences is also automatically protected from bad weather. Be sure to include corner posts and a gate!

The game protagonist is busy building a white picket fence around the field

Cooking and Crafting sadly doesn’t automatically access the storage. Always a pity, as it would make it so much easier. What is nice though is that either in the fridge or in the cabinet, you can access the same storage. Just scroll right with the right stick to go to the next page.

The feeding machine in the barn has several functions. Refilling the feed bin is my favorite: if there is feed in storage, it automatically shoots feed off to every trough! First you have to make feed. You can do this from weed, grass (that you can sow) and fodder corn, which again, you can sow. Don’t be fooled by the image of the cow on the feed package: the feed is for all kind of animals. With the option Put in/Take Out you can take out a certain amount that you can choose, or put feed in that you have bought.