The Lamplighters League Cheats and Tips


The Lamplighters League Cheats and Tips


Complete the tutorial

The Lamplighters League combines both real-time actions and turn-based combat. You can freely run and sprint around as you explore areas, but you’ll engage in a turn-based battle once detected by an enemy. You’ll need to be mindful of each enemy’s detection radius (and the noise that you make) as you stealth your way past guards.

I suggest playing and completing The Lamplighters League tutorial. The mission gives you a quick rundown of the controls, as well as basic mechanics. You’ll also partake in a few encounters, where you can learn about a couple of key ideas:

  • Cover: Represented by a shield icon. The accuracy of shots is lowered if a unit is behind cover.
  • Action Points (AP): By default, all squadmates have two AP, which can be used to move, make a normal attack, reload a weapon, or activate various abilities. There are certain passives and perks that allow you to increase AP in the middle of a fight.


Familiarize yourself with the Hideout

The Hideout acts as your main hub in The Lamplighters League. There, you’ll be able to chat with your agents and learn more about their backstories. This also shows you the following:

  • World Map: Displays the available missions and Doomsday Clock.
  • Agents: Allows you to unlock skills, equip gear pieces, and select Undrawn Hand cards.
  • Allies: These are NPCs that you meet and rescue during the campaign, and they provide additional perks such as healing, accessories, and passive buffs.
  • Supplier: You can purchase all sorts of consumable items, throwable grenades, and armor.
  • Resources: The upper-right portion shows how much of each resource has been amassed.


Consider the strengths of each class

Your squad in The Lamplighters League consists of unique characters with their own Signature Abilities and passive boons. However, they all fall under three classes:


  • Environmental action: Bashes down weak walls.
  • Takedown: Slam – Targets multiple enemies in a straight line.


  • Environmental actions: Clambers over certain walls and netting, and decreases the detection radius of certain enemy types.
  • Takedown: Sucker Punch – Approach an enemy from behind to eliminate them without making a lot of noise.


  • Environmental action: Pick locked doors during infiltration.
  • Takedown: Shock Mine – Lures enemies out of their position and then zaps one enemy.


Eliminate hostiles before combat

As mentioned, The Lamplighters League allows you to explore mission areas in real-time. This is known as the Infiltration phase, where you’ll be able to use each class’s Takedown skill, which has limited charges. This also means repositioning your units accordingly. Here’s a quick example:

  • Let’s say that you’ve noticed several hostile troops near environmental hazards, but a couple are further away.
  • You’ll want to ungroup your team by pressing the “G” key. This lets you control each character individually.
  • You can use the Sneak class to approach targets that are standing by their lonesome, eliminating them via the Sucker Punch Takedown.
  • Next, you might throw the Saboteur’s Shock Mine. This will cause opponents to investigate and crowd around—and at least one will get zapped and killed. The Shock Mine can also trigger hazards, such as explosives and electrified water.
  • While enemies are clustered together, you can switch to your Bruiser. Then, cast Slam and try to hit three targets in one swift action.

Infiltration mode is akin to a puzzle of sorts. Being able to switch to various characters and activate their Takedowns in real-time helps you clear out an area well before you engage in turn-based combat.