Disgaea 7 Cheats and Tips


Disgaea 7 Cheats and Tips


Expand Your Roster

Disgaea 7 allows you to amass a very large roster of characters. A huge one, in fact. In addition to the main roster of characters, who you’ll obtain at a rate of about one per chapter for the first hours of the game, you can recruit generic units, both humans and monsters, from the Recruiter in the corner of your base.

Recruiting a character only costs an amount of money, and higher tiers only provide a few extra stat points, so you needn’t feel like you have to shell out for the strongest recruits.

It’s a good idea to have at least one unit of every class in the game. That way, you’ll have access to their Evilities and be able to call on them in a battle that could use their skills. This flexibility can be incredibly helpful as battlefields get more complex. Note that while they might seem similar, the different genders of the same ‘class’

Don’t worry about spreading yourself too thin – equipment will make up for most of the difference in stats between high-level and low-level units, and low-level units can catch up in levels very quickly thanks to a large level difference giving you more experience when killing foes. In addition, you can help a unit catch up using Experience Juice at the Juice Bar.

In addition to the Recruiter, you can also get a few units to join by beating them up when you go Netherworld Sightseeing once it unlocks. Each area has one or two generic units in unique colours that you can get to join you.

Don’t Neglect The Item World

The Item World is a wonderful place. It allows you to boost the level of a piece of equipment, which will, in turn, increase its stats. While there are ways to fully optimise this process, simply battling (or skipping) your way through the levels within an item will be enough to give it a significant boost.

While the results may initially seem disappointing (items with low stats will gain smaller boosts from increased levels), going through the Item World holds many benefits:

  • More use out of the Evil-Gacha thanks to the healing required.
  • The ability to collect lots of level-appropriate items.
  • Quest completion.
  • General grinding of levels, mana, skills, and class experience.

In many cases, the boosted stats given to an item can feel like an afterthought compared to the raw benefits of going through quick and easy battles!

With clever usage, you can easily use the Item World to make your strongest items even stronger, vastly increasing their usefulness and extending their shelf lives. For example, if you manage to get a powerful sword from the Evil-Gacha and then gain enough levels in the Item World, it will likely be the best weapon for Fuji for numerous chapters and allow him to breeze through the story.

One strategy is to skip the fights when the enemy levels get too high and make a lifting tower that gets a unit to the exit panel within one turn. This isn’t possible on stages where there are Gatekeepers, but you can usually get a fair few levels using this strategy.

Most Important Dark Assembly Unlocks

While you’re given plenty of the game’s mechanics simply by progressing through the storyline, there are a few things that can only be granted by the Dark Assembly. You’ll want to acquire these as soon as they appear:

Bill Mana Cost Description
Better Items at the Store 30 This bill will unlock every time you complete a chapter, starting with Chapter 1. It will unlock the next rank of items at the store and always has a high chance of success for a cheap mana cost.
Pull Evil-Gacha! 150 This unlocks the Evil-Gacha at the Netherworld Hospital, which allows you to spend points earned through healing into a gachapon system. The items made available through this system are incredibly powerful and can make your characters far more powerful than they should be, far earlier than normal. Available from Chapter 2.
Let’s Have Fun With Cheat Codes 100 This unlocks the Cheat Shop, which lets you adjust various settings. Basically, it allows you to lower the rate at which you gain a certain currency or stat (such as mana, experience, or skill experience) to boost others. Available from Chapter 2.
Inherit Evility 2,000 This allows you to use the Skill Shop to create Evility scrolls from those your characters have acquired. This way, if a character (especially a unique character) learns a particularly useful Evility, you can use this function (along with mana) to copy that Evility and give it to other units. This can save time grinding for class levels or let them access Evilities that would otherwise remain impossible to learn.

Best Cheat Shop Settings

It can be tough to work out how you want to alter the settings in the Cheat Shop. After all, to boost any of the meters above their normal limits, you’ll have to make sacrifices.

The meters we recommend sacrificing above others are money and mana. This is because it is incredibly easy to amass large amounts of these, and you’ll naturally gain a ton of HL and Mana Juice through regular Item World usage or grinding.

On the other hand, it’s far more beneficial to your team’s strength to boost your class proficiency, special skill experience, and weapon mastery.