Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Cheats and Tips


Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Cheats and Tips


Highlight The Enemies Giving You Problems

Depending on your class and weapon load-out, there are going to be times when it feels like an Elite or Special enemy is intent on ruining your day. It could be a Scab Sniper who’s got you right in their sights, or it could be a Bulwark that’s blocking all of your gunfire. Whatever the case may be, the first thing you should do when an enemy is giving you problems is tag them for the rest of your team.

You can highlight any Elite or Special enemy by using the key bound to the “Tag” ability in Darktide’s options menu.

While it is good practice to highlight any Elite or Special enemy that might pose a danger to your team, it is critical to tag enemies that you are having trouble dealing with. Tagging these enemies will reveal their existence and location to your three teammates. They might have a better shot of taking care of those enemies than you do if you are busy taking care of other threats.

Complete Side Missions For Rewards

While every mission has a primary objective, some missions also have side objectives. These side objectives come in the form of Grimoires and Scriptures. Grimoires project a faint green glow from their location, while Scriptures emit a constant noise that’s somewhere between a whisper and the sound of wind rustling.

If you are able to find these side objectives and carry them to the escape shuttle, you’ll earn additional experience points. You might also earn progress towards the completion of weekly contracts at Sire Melk’s Requisitorium.

Add Block Canceling To Your Arsenal

Darktide features a plethora of melee weapons. Each melee weapon has a combo for light attacks, and a combo for heavy attacks. These attacks chain into each other as you continue swinging your weapon. Some weapon combos, such as the Eviscerator’s heavy attack combo, start with a wide sweeping hit, and progress into a vertical hit.

If you are clearing a horde of enemies, the Eviscerator’s first heavy attack is perfect, whereas the second heavy attack might not prove as useful.

By pressing and releasing the block button before letting loose another attack, you’ll interrupt the combo and be able to use the first attack again. In any situation where your most devastating move is the first in a combo, you can utilize block canceling to return to that move quicker than by completing the combo.

Stay Clear Of The Firing Line

While you are clearing hordes and engaging in melee fights, try to keep track of where your teammates are firing their ranged weapons from. Darktide doesn’t have friendly fire, but you’ll still block your teammates’ shots if you’re directly in their line of fire. Thanks to the finite amount of ammo in each mission, this can be extremely detrimental to your team.

Engage enemies from the side while using dodges to strafe around them, and you’ll make it easier for squad mates such as Veteran Sharpshooters to shoot at the bad guys and cover you. While fighting in close-combat, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for ranged enemies, and remember to tag them for your squad.