Disney Speedstorm Cheats


Disney Speedstorm Cheats


Accessing And Starting Disney Speedstorm

While Disney Speedstorm eventually plans to go free-to-play, the game is currently in Early Access, and requires the purchase of a Founder’s Pack to play. The different Founder’s Packs (Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate) offer different rewards, but each of them allows you to immediately unlock at least one new racer of your choice from an offered group. You can choose between Baloo or Mowgli (The Jungle Book), Belle or the Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean), or Shang (Mulan).

If you know you want to play as one of these characters, this is the best time to go ahead and snag them up. This way, rather than working to unlock the character, you can already start working on leveling up the character while playing.

Disney Speedstorm supports both cross-play and cross-progression. Creating and then linking your profile to a Gameloft ID will allow you to play across different platforms, which will likely be ideal once the game goes free-to-play. You can share your player ID to add friends and play with them online.

In-Game Currencies

There are a few different in-game currencies you will be able to earn while playing, each that can be used for items in the shop or for the game’s version of lootboxes. Tokens are the base in-game currency. Season Tokens are tokens earned from playing during each season, but expire once it is over. Multiplayer Coins are earned by playing ranked modes against other players.

You’ll earn a bunch of tokens from playing the early parts of the game, so it’s better to hold onto your tokens until you have a grasp on the type of cosmetics or materials you will want the most. You could run out of these tokens pretty fast without thinking. As you progress through the game and unlock more characters, you end up getting more offerings in the shop, too.

Understanding The Different Racer Classes

All the characters, or racers, in Disney Speedstorm belong to one of four classes that affect their playstyles. The four Racer Classes are Brawlers, Defenders, Speedsters, and Tricksters. Class affects a racer’s top stats, what kind of bonus you get for dashing into an opponent, and how you can get extra charge for the manual speed boost your racer can use.

While no class is necessarily better than the other, the best thing to do is pick a racer to focus your time and resources into, and then learn the playstyle around the racer’s class.

Racer Class Top Stats Dash Bonus Manual Boost Bonus
Brawler Handling Stun another racer after hitting them. Gain extra manual boost charge from stunning another racer.
Defender Acceleration / Combat Gain a shield after hitting another racer. Gain extra manual boost charge from being in slipstreams with another racer.
Speedster Top Speed Gain a speed boost after hitting another racer. Gain extra manual boost charge from boost pads.
Trickster Boost Confuse another racer after hitting them. Gain extra manual boost charge for successfully drifting.

How To Drift And Speed Boost

Drifting is one of the most important mechanics to master to help you win races. Holding the dedicated drift button allows you start drifting, and you have a good amount of control over how tight or loose you make your curve. Drifting in a more loose, or wider, curve will let you keep your speed around bends in a racetrack. After successfully drifting for a certain amount of time, the wheels on your kart start to glow, and you can release the drift button for an additional speed boost.

You don’t want to drift too drastically, because you’ll start to lose speed.

There are multiple other ways to get speed boosts during a race, too. Speed pads are glowing blue tiles around the track you should always try and run over. Slipstreams are dark blue rails that you can hop up on to ride forward, but be cautious about crashing into other players riding on the same one. You also have a manual boost bar that fills up over time, and by doing certain actions successfully.

Don’t hold on to your manual boost! It can be easy to forget about a filled up manual boost bar when there is a lot happening on screen, but the worst way to utilize your boost is by not using it at all. Use your manual boost to speed back up after being stunned, or when there isn’t another possible source of speed in sight.

How to Get a Headstart

You can get an edge on the competition by getting a good speed boost at the beginning of a race. There will be a speed odometer icon on the screen during the countdown, with shades of green to designate the correct starting acceleration you will need. If you accelerate and then rev your engine in the necessary range, you can time it right to gain a headstart in the race.

Learn Each Racetrack Well

Practice makes perfect, and that is true for learning the different racetracks in the game. It will become easier to know the best routes to go or when you should prepare to drift around curves once you are more familiar with each track. Utilize Local Freeplay if you want to try going around a track without worrying about winning a race.