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Sonic Superstars Cheats


Choosing Your Character In Sonic Superstars

When diving into the Story Mode of Sonic Superstars, you can choose between four characters, all offering unique traversal traits that may better suit your preferred playstyle, and we recommend checking out every character to see which one gels with you the most.

Not only that, but you can also switch between the four anytime you wish between levels. So, if you feel Knuckles’ abilities would better suit a stage than, say, Sonic’s, then you can – and should – switch to him to complete the stage if you feel it would make it more manageable. You can find a brief rundown of all the characters below!

Sonic Superstars Character Skillsets

Character Skills
Sonic Dash instantly after jumping, allowing them to maintain and increase momentum.
Knuckles Glide while airborne and latch onto walls, enabling him to climb them.
Tails Fly upward for a brief period, making vertical traversal effortless.
Amy Double jump, making her a prime candidate for tricky platforming sections.

While some Acts and Stages may be better for one character over another, you can clear every stage with the same character. So, if you prefer playing as Amy, you can beat the entire game as her, as the level design considers every character’s abilities. Some Special Stages are explicitly made for a specific character that will lock you in as them, but other than that, you are free to use whoever you like for the vast majority of Stages!

Don’t Worry About Clear Time Or Score… At First

It’s only natural to want to achieve the highest score on each stage before moving on to the next, but we strongly recommend not getting bogged down by your overall score on the first pass through the Story Mode.

Even if ‘Gotta Go Fast’ is Sonic’s catchphrase, attempting to blaze through each stage with a large sum of Rings and Medals collected can lead to unnecessary frustration early on.

You can always revisit the act later, even after rolling the credits, so there’s no need to rush trying to get the best possible score right from the jump. Just focus on gathering the essentials in each stage and learning the boss encounter, then return later with that knowledge to go for the gold!

Seek Out Every Chaos Emerald As Soon As Possible

Speaking of gathering the essentials, the first Act of the first seven Stages contains a Chaos Emerald, offering unique abilities for the playable cast of characters that range from being able to summon in an onslaught of clones to stopping the time around you to growing a large vine toward the heavens and practically anything in-between.




Gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds is crucial, as they will be beneficial in some boss encounters, even help you reach secret areas in some levels, and allow you to acquire other Chaos Emeralds. Please don’t sleep on getting all of them as soon as possible, as they are all immensely powerful.

Furthermore, obtaining all seven Chaos Emeralds will unlock something else Sonic fans will be excited about, which we won’t spoil here. Still, it is an incredibly strong and cool addition that makes the time and effort of tracking all of them down well worth it!