Star Trek: Infinite Cheats


Star Trek: Infinite Cheats


Star Trek Infinite – Basic tips

If you are a new player, pick tutorial. It will give you some basics. What is more, you will be able to choose an option to see tips after it ends. At the same time, you will get some tutorial missions, doing them will take you through various mechanics.

Traits are important. Your generals, scientists and even various populations have traits. A key to success is to select the right people for the right positions.

If you want to survive in the world of Star Trek, you have to concentrate on your economy first. Wait a little bit until you start to build your military might.





Survey as many systems as possible (Science ships) and build outposts there (Constructions ships). It is an easy way to make your empire big even without wars. What is important, new terrains will be able to produce various resources. From time to time, you will encounter liveable planetsColonize them as soon as possible. Remember that you are restricted by Administrative capacity though. Going beyond it will give you debuffs.

Have good relations with your neighbours, at least till you manage to learn all mechanics and make a strong economy.

While other ships have menu with commands, Spy ships are a little bit different. Their potential is unravelled when you interact with a given planet.

Use Alt in Galaxy map view. It will show you all resources and firepower in surveyed systems.

Keep your people happy! There are various perks for doing so. The easiest way is to make sure that their amenities are high. Build various buildings and Cultural districts. What is more, you have to also give them employment and..

Watch out your housing statistic. It is visible on the planet’s card. Not enough houses will make you population very unhappy, what is more, crime risk will become higher, too.

There are no bad choices but… at various occasions you will be presented with some decisions. Each of them will gain you some rewards. However, some of them may trigger additional events. Pick wisely.


Star Trek Infinite – Economy Tips

  1. Basic resources – Minerals, Credits and Food – are the most important materials. If you lack them, all of the rest will halt or deteriorate. Focus on them first.
  2. Research must flow. Once the basic resources are covered, you should invest into various research facilities. Technological superiority is essential in this game. It will boost your economy, military and society development.
  3. Build as many mines as possible. It is an easy way to make your passive resource income stable. Of course, planetary facilities are much better, but they need population to work properly. People are hard to get, as they have to grow and it takes a lot of time.
  4. Remember that Population is a finite resource. There is no point at creating many districts and buildings if there are no people to work there. You can always use resettlement option to make your empire more balanced.
  5. If you click on the planet in the planet summary menu, you can designate it. The world will get bonus in one aspect but it will get debuffs in others. It is very useful! Thanks to that you will maintain order among your planets. What is more, if you can’t be bothered by micromanagement, designated planets can be governed automatically by AI.
  6. To develop your galactic empire, you will need a lot of minerals. Don’t hesitate to use market and buy them. Don’t wait for them to accumulate.