Endless Dungeon Cheats


Endless Dungeon Cheats


Divide and Conquer

A group can have up to three characters at a time, and players may notice that one gun supported by a couple of turrets is usually enough to hold a room. With that in mind, splitting up is often the best course of action when a monster wave is about to hit and players need to protect more than one important building.

Solo players can order individual teammates to hold a room by holding down the Spacebar and selecting a chosen character’s portrait. Just don’t forget to recall them once the attacks have subsided.





Open Doors and Calculate Risks

It’s best to assume that there’s a monster spawner behind every door. Instead of recklessly opening every bulkhead in the station, players should do their best to try and explore in only one direction at a time. This limits the number of directions that monsters can possibly attack from, allowing players to concentrate their defenses on a few key rooms.

This doesn’t mean players should avoid opening doors after finding the exit, though. Keep in mind that resources are earned every time a door is opened, so the best way to go about this is to find the exit, set up a protected escape route, and then open the rest of the doors on the floor before moving on.

Hot Swap Weapons

There is a wide variety of weapons in Endless Dungeon, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Ammo may be unlimited, but there are some weapons that take some time to reload or cool down before they can be fired again.

Luckily, swapping guns will not cancel these reload times, which means players should always be swapping to their secondary weapon after firing off a big blast from hard-hitting railguns or rocket launchers. This method also allows for rapid heavy weapon shots if players find guns that have relatively short reload times.

Get All The Upgrades

Characters can be upgraded inside and out of the dungeon. Players can spend Food to earn perks during a run, and there’s a plethora of other upgrades waiting to be unlocked at the Saloon.

Every advantage helps in Endless Dungeon, and players should make sure to grab everything they can.