Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Cheats


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Cheats


Play Peter Parker’s storyline first

When we first started playing Spider-Man 2, we alternated between Miles’ and Peter’s stories, giving each arachnid-based hero equal screen time. But after more than 20 hours of gameplay, we now consider this a mistake.

Half of Peter’s skill tree doesn’t unlock until you reach a particular story beat and acquire the powers of the Venom symbiote, a creature of dubious intent and startling, explosive abilities. We wished we had acquired Venom sooner, because with great power came a great urge to use it to beat down villainy. While we ultimately want to play with Miles’ bioelectricity talents, Peter’s extra powers are some of the best fun Spider-Man 2 offers.

When you eventually take a break from Petering out and about, you can easily switch between the Spider-Dudes by activating Ganke Lee’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App, or FNSM App, swiping left on your touchpad. Eventually, you can use the FNSM App to view your many quests and side quests, then activate your choice of nontrivial pursuits.

Level evenly

With each acquired skill point, you have the ability to level up either 1) Peter Parker, 2) Miles Morales or 3) both Spider-Master and Spider-Apprentice at the same time. Considering you can easily swap back and forth between Miles and Peter, if you level only Miles, then Peter is now potentially vulnerable to the mean streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. (No love for Staten Island and the Bronx? Insert Bronx cheer.)

To counter this potential imbalance, we put seven points into the duo’s skill tree before allocating a single point into either character. Then we evenly advanced both Peter’s and Miles’ abilities because, even though both Los Hombres Arañas can hang on top of skyscrapers, we didn’t want to leave either of them hanging.

Re-slot your abilities

As PlayStation gamers know, your action buttons (triangle, circle, X and square) take on new traits when you combine them with trigger buttons. Here inSpider-Man 2, pairing the L1 trigger first gives you access to your abilities; pairing the R1 trigger lets you reach for your gadgets.

As you progress each Spider-Person, you acquire more powers. Still, you’re still limited to four action buttons. Thanks to the Abilities menu, Spider-Man 2 gives you the chance to pick and choose which abilities you want keyed to your action buttons. For example, Miles can L1 + triangle to tackle an enemy with Venom Dash or he can attack-teleport with Thunder Burst. The choice is yours, Spider-You.

For your further re-slotting pleasure, you can assign the left and right D-pad buttons, which are found in Settings under the main menu — not the in-game one.

Prioritize your currency

As his 1967 theme song tells us, action is Spider-Man’s reward. Here, your reward comes in the form of three resources: “tech parts,” “city tokens” and “hero tokens.” You earn these currencies with side quests, such as finding missing musical instruments (a Miles-based quest), balancing a day job with saving the city (that one’s for Peter) and taking a spider-bite out of crime (handled by both the Messrs. Spider).

These tech parts and tokens let you upgrade your gadgets as well as style and mod your spider-suits. We learned that tech parts are easy to come by, and the city and hero tokens take more effort to acquire.

Additionally, earning currency takes time, and you will find yourself having to choose which item needs to be instantly gratified. If you spend your currency on gadget upgrades, then it will come at the expense of sartorial splendor — and vice versa. So keep your eyes on whatever prize that applies.

Helping out around town with side quests is the best way for your Spider-Self to earn. Good citizenship aside, you can’t upgrade unless you’re an actual friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Study the moves list

There’s another reason to delve deeply into side quests: Each time you smack around an enemy, you build up your combat skills. This is important because there are multiple combos to memorize, some of which are situational. For example, you can square 4x to beat down baddies with a basic combo. But if you acquire Wall Thrash, then you can pin an enemy against a wall, and with the same square attacks, take them out in a cinematic, knuckle-dusting spree.

As the list of our moves and countermoves grew, we found ourselves a bit overwhelmed by combat-choice fatigue. That’s where the Moves List menu comes in handy. Before a particular mini-boss encounter, scan the list of tactics to remind yourself that Spiders Miles and Peter can, say, follow up a web strike with an extra punch.