Hellboy: Web of Wyrd Cheats


Hellboy: Web of Wyrd Cheats


Always Go For Toughness Upgrades Over Health

One of the best early-game tips for Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is to always go for Toughness upgrades over Health whenever you’re given the option. Hellboy has two different kinds of health bars, with the first one being called Toughness, which acts like a shield on top of his normal health bar.

The great thing about Toughness is that it can easily be restored by defeating the smaller one-shot enemies you find throughout the Wyrd, as well as simply just not taking any damage for a while. Compare this to health, which only recovers if you randomly stumble upon a health boost, and going for Toughness just makes the most sense.

Fighting Enemies One-On-One Makes Things Easier

Once you start playing Hellboy: Web of Wyrd, you’ll quickly realise that most of its fights follow a similar pattern – run into a room, fight two big enemies, and mostly ignore the little ones that are just there to annoy Hellboy.

Since the small enemies are so easily dealt with, the main challenge of Web of Wyrd’s combat is taking on the big guys, which requires a lot of dodging, countering, and reading attacks to properly deal with them. As such, you’re going to want to fight them one-on-one whenever you can to make sure you can properly react to their attacks.

The Shotgun Is Your Best Friend

Alongside his iconic Right Hand of Doom, Hellboy has access to a few guns and charms to help him out whenever he ventures down into the Wyrd. Although which items you go for will depend on what playstyle best suits you, there’s one gun that rules above them all – the Shotgun.

Unlocked after beating the third biome, the Shotgun is a powerful close-range firearm that deals heavy damage to Hellboy’s enemies if he’s close to them. Considering most of the game’s combat focuses on you being close, the Shotgun is a no-brainer for almost every encounter in the game. It also has great knockback, which helps with our next tip.


Always Aim For Environmental Damage

Tying in nicely to the tip above, make sure to inflict as much environmental damage on your enemies as possible. If Hellboy uses a strong hit by holding down the attack button, it’ll push whoever he’s fighting back a bit, which results in environmental damage if they hit a wall or anything behind them.

Although it might seem like a hassle, all this really means is that you should try to use strong attacks as much as possible when an enemy is next to a wall. Combine that with the shotgun’s strong pushback abilities, and you’ll see the damage rack up if you’re making sure to slam enemies into the environment.


Make Sure To Aim Your Boom Attacks

Speaking of slamming your enemies into the environment, one of the most powerful moves that Hellboy has at his disposal is the Boom attack, which can be purchased as an early-game upgrade for a small amount of Shakti Shards.

This attack lets Hellboy use an extra-strong attack on a stunned enemy that sends them flying away after they’re hit, which is a great chance for, you guessed it, more environmental damage. While it’s easy to just use the Boom attack whenever you see a stunned enemy, make sure to aim your attack to hit as many enemies and pieces of the arena as possible.