Cypher 007 Cheats


Cypher 007 Cheats


1. Avoid Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a constant threat. To elude their dangerous presence, observe their patterns and take alternate routes when possible.

For instance, at the high-security facility level, there may be blind spots or maintenance tunnels where you can avoid cameras. Timing your movements to coincide with camera sweeps can also help you pass undetected.

2. Take down enemies from behind

Silent takedowns are a cornerstone of your spy mission. Sneak up on unsuspecting foes from behind, and use the punch or takedown option to incapacitate them without raising alarms.

For example, in a casino setting, approach guards from behind while they’re engaged in their duties or distracted, then swiftly neutralize them. This not only minimizes noise but also prevents enemies from triggering alarms.

3. Maximize Gadget Usage

Your collection of high-tech gadgets is a critical asset. Select the right gadget for the situation. In a puzzle-filled level, consider using hacking devices or decryption tools to unlock doors, revealing shortcuts, hidden collectibles, or critical mission information.

For instance, deciphering a coded message can uncover a hidden safe containing essential documents or access keys, offering strategic advantages.

4. Pick Health Bars

Keeping an eye on your health is essential for survival. Be mindful of health pickups scattered throughout the game.

In combat-heavy missions, especially when facing multiple enemies, strategically picking up health bars can help you endure prolonged fights and maintain your mission’s momentum.

5. Take all the Intel Properly

Intel is your ally in unraveling the plot and understanding your enemies’ motives. Ensure you collect and decode it correctly.

Intercepting encrypted messages accurately can lead to revelations about your enemies, their next moves, and critical information that could change the course of your mission.

List of Controls in Cypher 007

Understanding the controls is vital for a smooth gaming experience in Cypher 007. Here’s a concise rundown:

  • Joystick: Character movement for precise navigation.
  • Punch Icon: Use this for combat against enemies.
  • Roll Icon: Swiftly evades obstacles, maintaining agility.
  • Crouch Icon: Move cautiously and silently, crucial for stealth.
  • Gadget Icon: Access and deploy high-tech gadgets to overcome challenges and complete missions effectively.