Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue Cheats


Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue Cheats


Inescapable is a pretty complex visual novel. There are no glaringly obvious signs that you are heading down the path you want, nor it does keep track. It’s not as simple as “If I hang out with character A a lot, we’ll go down their route” like many other visual novels tend to have. A lot of people seem to end up on the same route (mostly Lust) due to their choices, even if they replay the game.

You will be presented with options in the visual novel that will gradually nudge you towards a certain path in the first 1/3 of the game. For each choice, you gain a point towards either Lust, Suspicion, Greed or Trust – which are essentially the four routes you can go down in the visual novel. I will call them “themes” for the sake of this guide. You will always have at least 2 choices to make up to 4, and they will always give you a point towards a theme. The choices will not offer you a duplicate of a theme (for example, you will never be given 2 Lust choices. It will always be a Lust and Suspicion, Greed or Trust).

A lot of the hints are quite subtle on what theme the choices may give you a point towards. You will need to read what they are saying or how Harrison are describing things. For example, he may describe what he is seeing as something lewd or suspicious. Those are signs that one option you choose will give Lust or Suspicion points. Another example is if someone talks about money, it’s likely going to offer you a Greed option.

Some options will only show up if you talk to certain people frequently. For example, the RPG event will only happen if you talk to Daan and Mia a lot and have expressed interest in it.

PLEASE BE AWARE they are just simply my guesses or processes of eliminations on what theme they follow. Some of them are very obvious but some of them aren’t so please take them with a grain of salt.

This guide will help you to get into the path you want or need over the first 56 days (once you have spoken to everyone about the gas incident, that’s it. You cannot alter it any further.) There will be a couple of sections for each path.

Quick n’ Dirty – This section will give you general hints on what you should be doing if you wish to head down that path.

…n’ the Meat – This section will give you more detail on what you should be doing if you want to head down that path. This section will be spoilered.

This guide will also be heavily under construction. Some options may be missing. If you think I have missed something, please do tell me in the comments and I will add them in. If something is wrong, please do let me know on that as well so I can edit it. I will also credit you for your help.

With that said and done, let’s get to it! I do hope you enjoy this guide and find it helpful!

Path A ~ Lust

Quick n’ Dirty

Be lusty. Hang out with Annika and Eva a lot. See sauna scenes. Check out others’ Gossip through the Biography app.

Path B ~ Suspicion

Quick n’ Dirty

Be suspicious. Hang out with Mia and Sasha a lot. Check out others’ Dirt through the Biography app. Eavesdrop others’ conversations. During the box hunt game, take their secrets.

Path C ~ Greed

Quick n’ Dirty

Be greedy. Hang out with Giovanni and Valerie a lot. Make bets with others and win. Try to chase achievements. Win minigames. During the box hunt game, take the money. You will need to savescum for this path (save before doing the bet/minigame and reload if you lose the bet/minigame, basically).

Path D ~ Trust

Quick n’ Dirty

Be someone others can trust. Try to develop a sense of teamwork and unity. Do not check out Dirt or Gossip. Don’t eavesdrop others’ conversations. In the box hunt game, try to pick choices that will allow you to not take the money or reveal secrets.