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Jusant Cheats


Use pitons carefully

Your climb up is a treacherous one, but you have your rope to help you out. There are often points at ledges to attach your rope before you begin your climb, and this ensures that if you fall, you don’t plummet to your death. If you’ve climbed a great distance, falling can mean quite a bit of progress is reversed.

You can limit how much progress you lose by sticking a piton into the wall. A piton acts as a checkpoint, and if you fall, you’ll only have to climb from the last piton you’ve placed down. You have a limited number of pitons, so use them carefully. You don’t want to be high up and find that you don’t have any pitons to spare.

The tower isn’t linear

The objective of the game is to get to the top of the tower. However, you won’t be traveling in a straight line to reach the peak. Sometimes, you’ll discover that you can’t go up at all, or that the ledge you need to get to is too high up and there’s nothing for you to climb.

In such situations, you should start by looking around. Are there other pathways you can take? Sometimes, you’ll have to go down first before you can go up. Other times, it seems like you should be going straight, but you should actually take the long way around. Don’t be afraid to try and fail, and don’t feel defeated if you discover that you’ve accidentally gone in a loop.

Conserve your stamina

You don’t run on unlimited energy. You have a stamina bar that is spent as you jump. You need stamina if you want to continue grabbing onto handholds without falling. To recharge your stamina, press L3 while you’re holding onto something. It’ll give you a little extra juice, but you won’t be fully recharged.

You’ll only have your full stamina back once you’re on your feet again. Therefore, when you look ahead, plan where you will rest and where you will need to do big jumps so that you can ensure you’ll have sufficient stamina when you need it.

Your rope isn’t infinite

Your rope is pretty long, but it doesn’t go on forever. If you climb for too long, you’ll run out of rope, and you won’t be able to ascend any longer. Unfortunately, you’ll often not notice this until it’s too late and it’s impossible to recoil your rope without backtracking. Avoid this problem by recoiling your rope whenever you have the chance.

Jusant is a slow-paced game and at no point should it be stressing you out. Complete it at a leisurely pace, and enjoy the mellow journey. You’ll be rewarded with beautiful views and amazing sights.