For the King II Cheats


For the King II Cheats


Use Proper Positioning

Positioning plays an important role in combat. Shielded tanks like the Blacksmith can prevent enemies from attacking allies who are directly behind them, while any character standing in the backline gain better attack stats.

Occasionally, players will encounter glowing tiles that help or harm characters standing on them. Those that give bonuses should be exploited as much as possible, while the ones that hurt the team should be avoided at all costs. Some skills can also alter the positions of characters, forcing them to the front or back of a grid. Use these to mess up the enemy’s formation and force them into unfavorable engagements.

Be Wary of Splash Damage

Certain attacks deal damage over multiple tiles, and these are available to both players and NPCs. When there are enemies with AOE attacks on the field, players should take note of how many tiles incoming attacks can reach and space their characters out accordingly. At most, only two friendly heroes should be hit by AOE damage at a time.

Likewise, players must also keep their own Splash damage attacks in mind when fighting. Generally, wider-hitting attacks deal less damage than concentrated ones. Using Dusty Tome’s Area Blast skill might not be worth it if players can get more damage out of a regular Blast attack.

Physical and Magical Defenses

The blue and purple shield icons below a character’s healthbar represents their defenses against Physical and Magical damage respectively. These directly reduce the damage taken by the characteer based on the indicated number — a 10-damage attack will be reduced to 6 Damage when striking a 4 Physical Defense shield.

Attacks like the bow’s Pierce and the Wooden Sword’s Stab can penetrate defenses, letting players deal pure damage to armored opponents. It’s best to have a weapon with either high base damage values or armor piercing skills, or have varied damage types within the party in order to deal with all enemy defenses.

Where To Find Better Weapons Early

The starting gear tied to each class are decent against low-level enemies, but players will want to get their hands on better equipment as soon as possible. When visiting a Town like Pran, make sure to check its Quest Board to see if there are any jobs that offer good weapons. There are often two items available as rewards, and they are leagues better than starting gear.

Quests in general reward players with gear, though the quality of each item tends to be random. Stores in towns also sell weapons and armor for reasonable prices, and players should aim to equip their most valuable party member with a full kit of equipment as quickly as they can.