Cuisineer Storage Cheats


Cuisineer Storage Cheats


Storage in Cuisineer is extremely limited early on. Your backpack can only hold 10 stacks of items, and the fridge inside your cafe only holds 20. Since each stack of items only goes up to 20, it means you can’t hold much at one time.

Thankfully, both your backpack and the amount of storage inside your cafe can be upgraded as you progress through the story. Enjoy!

How to Upgrade Your Backpack in Cuisineer

The backpack is the simplest item to upgrade in Cuisineer, simply requiring money. To upgrade it, visit Pastel De Nata, an NPC that appears in the lower section of the town.

She isn’t available on all days, but when she’s there, Pastel can upgrade your Backpack by 5 slots each time. After completing all upgrades, your backpack can hold 40 stacks of items.

Upgrading the cafe at the Carpenter's shop

How to Upgrade Your Cafe Storage

Cafe storage upgrades are slightly more involved, requiring money, materials, and upgrades to the cafe itself. Cafe upgrades are done at Alder the carpenter, who resides southeast of the cafe.

While cafe upgrades increase its size and other features, some upgrade levels allow you to add more fridges at once. More fridges can be added once the cafe reaches level 6, 10, 12, and 14. Fridges must be bought from Alder when needed.

As an added bonus for reaching these levels, you also get free storage chests and personal fridges in the mail. These let you store materials and ingredients respectively — ingredients inside the personal fridges will not be used when cooking food.

Upgrading a fridge to level 2.

In addition to adding more fridges, each one can also be upgraded to add additional item slots. Each upgrade adds an extra 10 slots, though you’ll need materials as well as money. All upgrade levels require basic stone and wood, along with the unique stone and wood types for each area.