Stronghold Definitive Edition Cheats


Stronghold Definitive Edition Cheats


1. Play the Campaign and Tutorial

If you’re looking for a career in Stronghold esports (I hope this becomes a thing one day) we highly recommend you take a look at the tutorial and the campaign. The tutorial is self-explanatory but the campaign will teach a lot about situations and how to handle them.

You can even take this further by taking on various siege and economic missions. To get good in the multiplayer you have to learn situations and how to deal with limited access to resources.

2. Protect or Attack Vital Buildings

Buildings such as the Granary, the Market, and your Armory are incredibly important in Stronghold. If you’re playing against other players or the AI in campaigns, those are the primary targets next to your lord. So if you’re building your castle, make sure those are well shielded against attackers and surrounded by traps.

If you’re the attacker and the enemy lord is too well-guarded, these should be next on your list to attack. No armory means no new soldiers and no market means no way to recover.

3. Castle Layouts

Something you should always consider while laying out your castle is the pathing of NPCs. This is why you want to divide your thriving Castletown into districts. The granary should be the center of all your food production and easily accessible by farmers while your bakers have easy access to it and your stockpile. The same should apply to your armory and stockpile.

This is why keeping an eye on ‘roads’ is important. NPCs will always take the direct path even if that means zigzagging through several rows of houses. So make sure that every building always has a direct path to whatever the destination of their workers is. One field’s worth of space is enough which you can always check by hitting Spacebar to flatten.

4. Unit Dynamics

Stronghold units aren’t balanced in a traditional sense. Units either deal lots of damage but move/attack slowly or the opposite. Understanding how to mix and match those units is your first step to becoming a conqueror.

Maceman is quite fast and can take a couple of hits before going down which makes them ideal for storming castle walls while picking off archers with bowmen in the back. Spearmen are great for harassing farmlands but terrible everywhere else. They do make for cheap Canonfudder if you’re trying to get attention away from the host of your army.

5. A good castle has layers

Like an onion or an ogre’s a good castle is built with layers. One around the very vital areas such as your keep, another around your wilder castle, and less important buildings such as weapon smiths and bakeries and maybe a moat or two to be extra sure.

Do be careful though, gatehouses and towers tend to be very vulnerable and create huge openings in your walls once destroyed. So make sure to trap their entrances and the area around them to halt any advancing troops.