Super Mario RPG Remake Cheats


Super Mario RPG Remake Cheats



Choose the Stat that Gets the Highest Gain When Leveling Up

When a character levels up, you can choose to boost their HP, POW (Attack and Defense stats), or STAR (Magic Attack and Magic Defense stats). One of these three choices will have the higher boost: it will gain +3 stats compared to the other choices that only gain +1.

To figure out which stat gains +3, check each of the stats in the level up screen. You can also calculate it: divide the level by 3 and take the remainder. If the remainder is zero, the stat is POW; if one, HP; and if two, it’s STAR.

Leveling Up Restores HP

One of the benefits that leveling up gives is restoring the character’s HP. Make sure to check the experience points of your characters so that you don’t waste your HP-restoring items.






Action Commands Make Your Attacks Stronger

A mechanic uncommon in turn-based RPGs that this game has is your damage being boosted with Action Commands: doing certain actions while the attack is about to hit.

Timed Hits are the most common: when you press A during the given timeframe as your attack hits, you’ll deal up to double the damage! Other action commands include repeatedly pressing a button or holding a button instead; make sure to check the attack descriptions in the game.

There’s also Timed Blocks, where you press a button as an enemy attack hits to reduce enemy damage.

Constantly do Action Commands to Perform a Triple Move

Something new introduced in the remake is the Move Gauge and Triple Move system. Constantly perform Action Commands to fill up the Move Gauge; once you fully fill the Move Gauge, you’ll be able to perform a Triple Move: a super powerful attack performed by your current party, that will deal massive damage to your enemies!
List of Triple Move Attacks

Whole Party Shares Flower Points

Flower Points act as the mana resource that other games have, being used to perform special attacks. The key difference is that in this game, your whole party shares this stat instead of being an individual stat.

Be careful of using only special attacks, as your FP will quickly get depleted.

Flower Items Also Restore FP to Full

Save on Syrups by remembering that Flowers and Flower Items (Flower Tab, Flower Jar, and Flower Box) fully restore FP too! Flower Items, along with their effect of adding a specific amount of maximum FP, also refills your FP to full.

Knowing this, don’t immediately use your Flower items if you don’t need them yet, as this tip can be useful in a pinch.