Simple Control Style

If you are new to the Naruto STORM series, using the simple control style is the easiest way to discover how to use your favorite characters step by step. By continuously pressing a single button, you can unleash the strongest combos, which will help you manage your chakra and life bars!


With this user-friendly control mode, you can prioritize having fun to the fullest and become one of the best ninjas at the speed of lightning!


It’s the best mode for the special spamming buttons technique fans!






Normal Control Style

If you’re a seasoned ninja, or once you have mastered the substitution timing and chakra gathering method, you are ready to select the normal control style.


Either play offline with friends, or online against players all over the world, with destructively well-timed attacks!


With the normal control style, you can be more agile with your attack and defense. You can choose when and which combo to use to dodge your opponent’s attack or break their guard.


Try both control options to see which one suits your fighting style and have the best of fun!




Learn the basics to wipe out your opponent

When starting your first fight in NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS, you will see bars and icons on the screen.


To use your characters to their fullest, take a good look at the three bars at the top of your screen.


Health Gauge

The first one is your character’s health gauge that will decrease when the opponent hits you!


The health gauge will have three distinct colors that each represent the phase: green, yellow, and red. If the green gauge gets to empty first, then the second, yellow gauge appears, indicating that you have reached half-life.


If your health gauge is about to run out, the gauge color will turn to red. Once the gauge becomes completely empty, the round ends!

Additionally, you can unlock special rewards if you beat your opponent with more than 50% of your health gauge.


Chakra gauge

The second most important bar is the chakra gauge, represented by a blue gauge on your screen. This bar represents the chakra you have available during the fight, to launch attacks.


From basic to advanced moves, the amount of chakra will determine the type of attack. The key will be to manage a good amount of chakra during the battle, so use your chakra wisely!


You can also hold a button to refuel your chakra. Be careful with the timing, though, as the opponents can try to attack you while refueling your chakra!


Storm gauge

Lastly, the smallest gauge you can see on your screen below the chakra gauge is the Storm gauge.

By taking hits and successfully hitting your opponent, this gauge will automatically fill up.


If you have less than half of your health gauge, the Storm gauge will completely fill up. When the Storm gauge is filled up, you can either activate a combination secret technique, a secret technique or unleash the awakening form!


Now stronger, faster, and boosted to the max, you can change the tide of the fight with this short-timed buff!


Your awakened form has special combos to take down the opponent, but all the chakra will be consumed. Use it strategically to achieve victory.


1. Health Gauge

2. Enemy Health Gauge

3. Chakra Gauge

4. Storm Gauge

5. Substitution Ninjutsu

6. Team members

7. Battle Items

8. Timer