The Walking Dead: Destinies Cheats


The Walking Dead: Destinies Cheats


How to Avoid Detection

Some acts in The Walking Dead: Destinies can be a lot easier if players manage to successfully go undetected throughout the whole thing. The first step in avoiding detection is to learn how to remain unseen.

Gamers should take some time to analyze their surroundings before making a decision on where to go next. Oftentimes, there are useful hiding locations that can make it significantly easier for them. Walkers will not be able to spot the player if they’re hidden behind an object or if they’re in a bush or a smoke cloud.

Players can also plan out the path that they’d like to take to their destination by examining walkers’ routes, and they can do so by activating Instinct Mode; in this mode, walkers’ footsteps will be highlighted on the ground, allowing gamers to easily track their movement.

How to Distract Enemies

If walkers are standing still or walking in a path that makes it impossible for the character to sneak past them, gamers will have to find a way to get them to move while remaining undetected. Thankfully, there are tons of bottles scattered around the world in The Walking Dead: Destinies.

Gamers can only carry one item at a time in The Walking Dead: Destinies, so whenever they have an empty inventory, they should pick up any glass bottle from the floor; they are quite easy to spot with Instinct Mode, and they can come in handy in quite a few situations. Players can then throw the bottle in another direction to get walkers to follow its sound and move elsewhere.

There are also quite a few flashbangs and other items scattered throughout the various areas of the game, so fans should always make sure to scout their surroundings so that they don’t miss out on any items that might facilitate their situation.