American Arcadia Chapter 1 Achievements


American Arcadia Chapter 1 Achievements



There are 2 achievements in the prologue.

The very first achievement in the game you can get it is


  • Take your time getting out of bed.

In Scene 1 after you outrun the helicopter, you will see yourself sleeping in the bed with the alarm clock ringing at 07:00. Don’t press anything and wait for Trevor to automatically turn it off and get up when it hits 07:01.

The Arcadian Way of Life

  • Complete the Prologue

Story related, can’t be missed. You should get it after completing the prologue.


Chapter 1

DunGene’s and Dragons

  • Snoop on a colleague’s computer.

In Scene 3, after you switch to Angela for the first time, you need to go to the server room and log into Gene’s computer. You can do it by using either one of the following methods:

When you pick up your phone to hack Kendra’s PC, you can enter Gene’s IP instead first. The IP is (can be found in the server room on a sticky note first). This should unlock his PC without getting admin’s permissions.

After entering the server room and giving yourself admin’s permissions, you will be able to log into Gene’s PC right after.

The achievement should pop up as soon as you see what he has been doing all this time…

Intrincate Lies

  • Watch a TV show

Story related, can’t be missed. You should get it in Scene 4 after watching the video where Angela reveals you the truth about Arcadia.

Destination: Nowhere

  • Be back after the break.

Soon after in Scene 4 after climbing through a vent you will find yourself in a huge studio with a giant screen where you can see Vivian recording a video for Trevor. After she says “Anyway, let’s take five and we’ll record it in one go, okay?” simply wait here for her to return on the screen and you’ll get the achievement (takes about 2 minutes).


  • Complete Chapter 1

Story related, can’t be missed. You should get it after completing Chapter 1.