Invincible Presents: Atom Eve Achievements


Invincible Presents: Atom Eve Achievements


How to Obtain Achievements


There is a total of 35 achievements for which you’ll need a couple of runs for around 7 hours gameplay.

My first Run was focused on full Firebrand skill tree, second was a mix between empath and creator.

A few starting tips:

  • When available, always pick up the answer related to a skill tree to unlock all achievements and story “arcs”.
  • In Combat against several adversaries, you can sometimes just defeat the main villain in order to win the combat (ex: bad guy with drones).
  • Visit all optional locations to level up faster and unlock all achievements.
  • Second run comes with a 5000XP booth which can be easier for some achievements.

Story Related

  • 10 achievements
  • Unmissable


  • Complete Episode 1

Back to School

  • Complete Episode 2

Pajama Boy

  • Complete Episode 3

The Bomb

  • Complete Episode 4

Bad Chemistry

  • Complete Episode 5


  • Complete Episode 6


  • Complete Episode 7

Absences & Allies

  • Complete Episode 8

Prisoner Dilemma

  • Complete Episode 9

Together We Fight

  • Complete Episode 10

Combat Related

  • 7 achievements

No Holding Back

  • Use a fully charged Ray attack

Follow the tutorial combat agaisnt Killcanon. Unmissable.

Sticky Situation

  • Use Glue to prevent an enemy attack 5 times

During combats, use glue 5 times on a enemy about to perform a melee attack

Right Back At You

  • Eliminate an enemy with a shield break

Put your shield up, bring enemys HP close to 0 and let them attack, they are bound to kill themselves when your shield breaks.

Energy Efficient

  • Eliminate 2 or more enemies with single attack

When fighting a group of enemy, bring HP of 2 of them close to 10 and hit the group with darts, first skill unlocked in the firebrand tree.

Respect the Cannon

  • Lose against Killcannon 3 times

Start Chapter 1. Fight and lose against Killcanon 3 times. Restart the Run.

Crime Fighter

  • Complete all optional fights in a single playthrough

Just visit all available locations at every chapter.


  • Complete a single playthrough without dying

Just don’t die. Pretty manageable, didn’t have to but i think you can restart the chapter if you do die.

Choice Related

  • 18 achievements

One-Track Mind

  • Obtain all unlocks in single attribute tree

Just Max out any of the 3 skill trees


  • Obtain a cross-attribute unlock

Unlock 2 skill tress simultaneously and unlock a cross-attribute skill

Signature Style

  • Choose a perk-specific response 5 times

Unlock any of the skill tree specific response and use it whenever you can.

Let It Out

  • Scream 5 times in a single playthrough

Take the chance to go scream at the pond or canyon whenever you can.


  • Transform food 3 times in a single playthrough

Take the chance to show your skills whenever you can. Create a burger for Mark, milkshakes for the team, candies when revealing your power to Amber and William etc…

The High Road

  • Diffuse an argument with Mom and Dad

Early in the game unlock the empath response perk, when facing your parents later diffuse the situation with the right response.

Emergency Services

  • Save the ambulance

When fighting on the bridge, glue the falling ambulance twice.

Think Fast

  • Save Todd’s life

Listen in class. When facing Todd with the bomb, think fast indeed, choose to save Todd and choose the last option reminiscing you of your classes.

Family History

  • Learn about Mom’s past

Later in the story, on an empath/creator run, when at home with Mom and Rex, show interest to let her open up about her past as an activist.

Live With It

  • Save Hiles’ life

When facing Hiles, chose to spare her and diffuse the bomb as you did Todd.

Trust Fall

  • Reveal your identity to Amber and William

Later in the story, you’ll meet them alone at the dinner. Chose to reveal your secret identity.

Higher Education

  • Took every chance to complete those college applications

Never miss a chance to work on your college applications. Should unlock the 3rd or 4th time.

Swiped Right

  • Kiss both Mark and Rex in a single playthrough

Mutually exclusive with Just Friends. Start a playthrough dating Rex. Break up. Come on to Mark. Should unlock in chapter 10 at worse, just bring Mark back to your treehouse.

Just Friends

  • Kiss neither Mark nor Rex in a single playthrough

Mutually exclusive with Swiped Right. Be cold, or at least don’t kiss neither and focus on crime fighting!


  • Successfully infiltrate the GDA prison

Did it on empath/creator run. When visiting the prison the first time, creator perks allow you to mark the path. Didn’t talk to Cecil about the scepter. Later get the key from the rogue guard and pressure him to reveal the complete path. Not sure if all are needed. When going back to the prison, choose to bring the scepter to the Queen. Path is left, use the key, then right.


  • Recruit Rex for the final battle

Accept Robot and Kate help. Choose to forgive Rex and meet him at the dinner. Recruit him, he won’t put much of a fight.

People Person

  • Befriend Amber

Avoid flirting with Mark. After revealing your identity to Amber and William, you get the opportunity to meet Amber at the pond. Befriend her.


  • Hug 7 times in a single playthrough

Just take every opportunity you can to hug people, there are plenty. Did it simultaneously with swiped right. Should unlock between chapter 8 to 10.