Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Cheats


Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Cheats


Setting Up Your Experience

There are not a ton of features in the options menu, but there are a few players should tweak before starting. First, be sure to fully install the game. It’s a big beast too that is only getting bigger by the week as is the case for a lot of mobile games from Square Enix.

The more data players download initially, the faster things will run. This is true if players place the game on the lowest graphical settings too, which should still make the game look good on a phone. Even on a tablet, the game looks relatively good on the lowest setting.

Crank Up That Auto-battle

The battle system is a lot like Final Fantasy 13 where characters can use specials based on a bar that raises. Players can have a lot of input on characters in battle, but they shouldn’t engage with them like a traditional RPG.

This is a mobile game, so players will get more out of it with the auto-battle feature. Have the party fight automatically and increase that speed in the options too. There is one caveat to this method. Pay attention during boss battles though to spam healing spells like Cure as sometimes the AI isn’t the best with it.

Unlocking Content

Players can play three games in this RPG universe once they download Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. The games, so far, are the original games, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, and Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. Some story content is locked until players progress through certain chapters of each game. Also, some mechanics are locked away like ways to fuse Materia.

These games aren’t complete, like Final Fantasy 7 ends after the motorcycle chase outside of Shinra HQ. Updates will add more to these games, and chapters based on Final Fantasy 7: Advent ChildrenBefore Crisis: Final Fantasy 7, and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 are coming too. Players should get through the story to unlock mechanics ASAP.

Pay Attention To Weapon Skills

In the original game, players could give their characters magic and special skills via Materia. Materia returns for all the games in this latest mobile adaptation, but these little orbs aren’t the only things that grant characters abilities. Weapons can give them skills too. For example, one of the best weapons out right now is for Tifa.

The weapon is called Lifeguard Wraps, and they grant her the ability called Healing Waves which will heal the entire party. So, the lesson here is to pay attention to weapon abilities besides base stats. Sometimes a low-tier weapon will have an amazing skill like Healing Waves attached.


Optimization Is Smarter Than You Think

It’s not as easy to unlock things as one may think because players have to worry about power levels like Light levels in Destiny. This is the overall strength of a character and these numbers can go up via traditional leveling up someone, like Cloud, giving him the best gear and Materia, and upgrading his personal skill tree.

If players meet the required power level of a mission, they should have no problem finishing it. There is a chance players can finish a mission below the recommended power level too if they utilize optimization. Different missions will require different load-outs, and the AI optimization is pretty smart.