House Flipper Cheats and Tips


House Flipper Cheats and Tips


Make it easy on yourself

If you’ve come to the sim looking to flip houses and find that jobs are in the way of that, do your part for yourself by making this part of the game easier.

Every job gives you the option to finish when you’re 70 percent complete, and you can blaze through early jobs just by picking up junk and cleaning quickly to cover 70 percent of the requirement. There is no knock to a reputation meter of any kind, so finish the job once you’ve done enough, and you will still get paid most of the cost and there will be new jobs waiting in your inbox.

If you want you can come back to jobs you’ve already completed in the archive and finish them fully at any time.

You are able to select all the materials requested for the job in the tasks tab on your tablet, which takes you to their store page, meaning you don’t have to search for them by specific titles.

Also, when completing a job you only have to achieve the specific goals given to progress. This means that you don’t have to rearrange messy furniture, or repaint the flooring and walls to match the room if the job doesn’t specify that. A job can be 100 percent complete while still leaving the house in a total mess.

Unlocking the Tools

To renovate a house fully you will need to unlock all the tools on the tool wheel. You do that by taking jobs where they come into use. The first jobs that each tool on the wheel comes in are:

Cleaning Tool Ex-boyfriend stole the radiator from my house
Painting Tool and Sell Objects Tool Amaranth walls
Build Walls and Build Lintels Tools Additional Walls
Demolishing Tool Walls to knock down
Tiling and Paneling Tool Necessary Extra Bathroom

Essential Perks

You will grow as a handyperson during your work, earning perks related to your specialist skills the more of each thing you do. Perks can be accessed on the tablet and the ones that will set you up for less frustration throughout are:

Penetrating Vision See dirt on the mini-map – Needed for when you can’t find those pesky dirt spots that stop you from completing a task might be.
Basic Painting You won’t waste paint on an already painted wall. This is needed because of the way painting selection is based on your movement across the wall, so you won’t be wasting paint on sections already covered.
Higher Payment Up to 10%, 25%, or 50% extra payment for each job.
Price Negotiation The option to negotiate the price. This perk is one to pick up for when you are starting to buy and sell property, and means you can enter that with the ability to drive up the price.

Other Useful perks: Most of the perks add to your efficiency in different ways, making you faster and upgrading equipment, and can be unlocked by which of the elements of tasks you feel are holding you back.