Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Cheats and Tips


Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Cheats and Tips


Moderate Your Jumping

In fighting games, jumping can be a double-edged sword. While it offers a way to evade and counter fireballs, excessive jumping can leave you vulnerable to anti-air attacks. The key is to balance your approach. If you notice your opponent consistently countering your jumps with anti-air moves, it’s time to adapt. Start throwing fireballs or running up and poking your opponent if they are looking for you to jump. When your opponent is trying to anti-air, they are in a state of trying to react to you. However, they can’t react and punish fireballs or dashes. This will catch them completely off guard, allowing you to be in control.

Also, walking forward is a safer alternative than jumping. Walking forward lets you close in on your opponent without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. In fighting games, you want to get your opponent into the corner to limit their options. By walking your opponent into the corner, they have nowhere to run but into your pokes. You should be fine if you don’t walk yourself forward into the opponent’s potential attack ranges.





Use Cooldowns Wisely

Managing resources is critical when learning how to improve at Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. Skills, once used, enter a cooldown phase during which they can’t be reused immediately. These skills come in light, medium, and heavy versions, each with varying cooldown durations. A light version means a shorter wait time, whereas a heavy version leads to a longer cooldown. This difference is crucial in strategic planning, as sometimes you want to keep certain resources.

For instance, a light dragon punch recovers quickly, keeping a vital defensive tool at your disposal more often. Sometimes, you want to have your fireball equipped at all times, so using light fireball mostly would be a good decision. Depending on the current situation of the match, you will have to make these kinds of resource management decisions.

Use the Block Button

Blocking is a fundamental defensive tactic in fighting games. It offers a moment to calm down and assess the situation, allowing you to wait patiently for an opening to launch your attack. By learning the frame data on characters’ moves, you can better understand when to start attacking.

This strategy is true even in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. Additionally, the game includes a dedicated block button. This feature is useful for automatically blocking cross-up attacks. This makes it so that you don’t have to worry about left or right mixups. The only mixup you have to worry about are overheads and lows.

Leverage Throws and Raging Strikes

In the online ranks, you will encounter opponents who block a lot. Against opponents who block frequently, throws and raging strikes become essential tools. Throws can break through an opponent’s guard while raging strikes offer a more aggressive option. Throws are faster than the original GBVS, and Raging Strike can lead to a potentially damaging combo afterward. 

However, each Raging Strike costs a bravery point. If you use all three of your bravery points, you will take more damage from attacks your opponent does on you. This underlines the importance of resource management and strategic play. In this case, you should switch to throwing the opponent. While throws might not damage the opponent much, they throw your opponent farther away, thus leaving your opponent closer to the corner.