House Flipper 2 Cheats and Tips


House Flipper 2 Cheats and Tips


Embark on many quests

Different houses come with different objectives known as Quests. There will be series of quests in each relevant room within a building. The more quests you clear, the greater our earnings when you finish the stage.

When you enter a new room, look for an indicator to let you know there are unfulfilled quests. The indicator is disc-shaped and yellow, with an “!” on it. When you see one, that means you can access the pause menu for a list of local Quests to complete in the surrounding room. Once you complete all quests tied to the indicator, it disappears. You don’t have to complete every quest to exit a stage (in general, you can leave as soon as you fill one of the three stars). More is better, though.

Settle on an order of operations

Your reasons for visiting each new environment will change. You may not have to do everything at one house that you did at the building before it. Early in the game, you won’t have all of your tools available. Even so, there’s a recommended order to tend to everything, if you encounter a busy room with lots to do:

  1. “Flip” any items you can, such as large dressers and lumber
  2. Throw out any garbage littering the room
  3. Clean any stains and grimy windows
  4. Demolish any walls that are marked for removal
  5. Paint walls indicated
  6. Refinish desired surfaces with tile or wallpaper
  7. Purchase desired furnishings
  8. Unpack boxes, as directed by client

If you take care of tasks in the order indicated above, ignoring any items that don’t apply, you’ll endure fewer inconvenient interruptions. When I first started playing, I would tend to issues as I came to them. That approach meant I visited menus a lot and moved objects around more frequently than strictly necessary. Learn from my mistakes and be efficient. Tend to one room at a time and complete all quests before moving onto the next room.

Shop smart

The store is stocked with enticing furniture and supplies. When you are flipping a house for a client, you can safely ignore most items the store sells. Only buy an item when you need to, as directed by a specific Quests menu on the pause screen. When you first access the menu, you will see a list of items under the Buy header that you must purchase to furnish the current room. Then you can (and should) purchase directly, without browsing the merchant’s full line of merchandise. It took me longer to realize this than I would like to admit. I bought several items I didn’t need.

Clean obsessively

I mentioned an order of operations above. You might have noticed that several of the items on that list relate to cleaning. The reason for this is that some of your later activities may not be possible to complete to the client’s satisfaction unless you get rid of rubbish and grime. There are some definite best cleaning practices in House Flipper 2. In general, the idea is to be thorough. If you don’t scrub away all of a racoon’s paw print when you first start swinging your rag around, you may have a difficult time finding it later. You’re much better off if you clean thoroughly from the get-go, so you’re not left running through the house at the end in search of some tiny little task you missed.