Asgard’s Wrath 2 Combat Cheats


Combat Tips

Dual wield sword and axe, keep distance to the bees and wait for them to shoot, then return their shot and it will reveal their weak spot. Then throw the axe at the weak spot to one shot them.

When facing multiple sword mobs, dash around and try to isolate one of them, get a few parries in and wait for the blue spark attack. Parry that with force in your swing and then hit them hard when they are on knees.

  • Parry

    • Needs to be minimum speed for it to be able to parry.

  • Dash

    • Use it a lot!

    • Use it when you’re not in a position to parry/block.

    • Use to escape red attacks!

  • Axe

    • Spam it, it sometimes interrupts enemies.

    • Spam with your non-dominant hand

    • Careful not to over-spam, they can throw it back.

    • Useful when you have multiple foes.

  • Swings

    • Each enemy has their own animation as to where the attack will come from.

    • Most obvious is blue and red

    • Normals has no color, need to get used to it.

  • Strategy

    • If I can’t read or am too busy to read the enemy to parry/block when fighting then hit and dash back.

    • Generally a good time to attack is when they miss you! Also known as a counter-attack

    • Don’t get cornered! Dance and dash around the enemies in a circle.

    • Try to fight one at a time.

    • Dash and avoid projectiles instead of parrying.

    • Parry is good when you are not busy doing 1v4/1v3/1v2, depending on your perception.

    • Axe is good for disruption

    • Combat is distance-control, try to hit with the tip of your weapon.

      • Close = Parry/Block distance

      • Close = Mess up parry, you’ll get punished. Successful parry, big reward (Hard)

      • Far = Use tip of sword, extend arm! You can stab them too!

      • Far = More time to react/step back/dash (Easy)