The Finals Cheats and Tips


The Finals Cheats and Tips


Understanding The Contestant Classes

When you first start the game, you’ll need to create a contestant that is either light, medium, or heavy in body type. Each of these roles offer unique abilities and stats that you should consider when playing, like the heavy class charging through walls and the light class operating as stealth.

Contestant Build Specializations Role Movement Survivability
Heavy Charge N’ Slam, Sledgehammer, Mesh Shield Demolition Slow High
Medium Healing Beam, Guardian Turret, Recon Senses Support Average Average
Light Cloaking Device, Grappling Hook, Evasive Dash Stealth, Hit-and-Run Fast Low

There’s no set team structure, but diversifying the character types on your team can help cover where the others might be lacking. For example, heavy teammates will have more health but move a little slower than medium or light teammates.

There are a lot of movement opportunities around The Finals’ maps, but small openings aren’t possible for heavy characters.

However, they can make their own openings with demolition gear or by using the Charge ‘N’ Slam ability.

Interactive Environment

Whether it be interacting with a bridge or knocking some goo out of the sky, The Finals offers players a lot of chances to use, or demolish, the environment to assist in their strategies. There are a range of items you can interact with, even if the game keeps them more subtle. Some examples include:

  • Lift bridges via the connected buttons.
  • Shoot hanging crates to create explosions or obstacles.
  • Destroy floors and walls to move the objective.
  • Use map jump pads, zip lines, and other options to get around faster.

There are a lot of options on how to play each map in The Finals, and it will be up to players to learn the tricks and devise their own strategies. Until then, it’s wise to use every tool at your disposal to get the better of the other contestants.

Dropping several canisters of explosive gas or a wall of goo on your opponents is a great way to surprise them before you go in for a big push. Strong area of effect attacks like poison or fire are great at making opponents scatter.

Destroy The World

One of the most appealing parts of The Finals is that it manages to create destructible environments that don’t seem that way until they’re lying in rubble at your feet. This destruction can be as easy as breaking a window or vent and as disastrous as leveling a building.

While the heavy class has the focus, any class can tear down walls and ceilings with the right equipment.

If your enemies have all exits guarded, consider surprising them from above or taking the ground out from underneath the objective. It’s always a surprise when the defensive environment they’ve created crumbles.

That being said, the heavy class will be the easy favorite for those who like to create destruction. Whether it be running through walls like the Kool-Aid man or using the RPG to create large holes, the heavy character build has the best equipment for demolition.