Sonic Dream Team Cheats and Tips


Sonic Dream Team Cheats and Tips


Movement and Controls in Sonic Dream Team

In Sonic Dream Team, the controls are easy and quick, allowing Sonic and his pals to dash smoothly between obstacles. The simple and snappy controls ensure that players land where they want to go.

  • Left Tap: Tap on the left side to move Sonic or your character to the left.
  • Right Tap: Tap on the right side to move Sonic or your character to the right.
  • Bounce: Activate the bounce move to spring upward, navigating obstacles and reaching higher platforms.
  • Boost: Utilize the boost function to accelerate Sonic or your character.

For example, when jumping toward a rail, pressing the homing attack button automatically locks onto it, letting you zip over effortlessly. This feature is handy not just for rails but also for hitting enemies, bounce pads, and more.

Clear Stages Perfectly

In Sonic Dream Team, finishing stages perfectly is like creating a flawless masterpiece. The orbs you collect aren’t just decorations as they’re the key to unlocking new dreamy areas.

Make sure to watch Sonic glide through loops, grabbing orbs effortlessly, and making the adventure smooth and perfect.

Utilize Character Ability

Think of your character as a powerhouse with unique abilities. Using a propeller ability, for example, turns challenges into opportunities. Soar to higher places, navigate tricky sections easily, and add a touch of finesse to your gameplay.

Maximizing your character ability in each stage makes it advantageous for you when you know how to fit the best character choices to maximize stage clearance.


Master Obstacle Movement

Navigating obstacles is like a graceful dance. Learn from Sonic as he smoothly moves through loops and avoids obstacles. Knowing all types of obstacles as well as their movement is extremely crucial and essential for you to properly navigate throughout the stages.

Certain obstacles have given patterns and their own respective movements, so make sure to be familiar with most of them.


Memorize Boss Attack Patterns

Facing bosses in Sonic Dream Team is like solving tricky puzzles in the game’s exciting story. Imagine it as a short break to figure out a dance as remembering and understanding how these tough bosses attack. Picture yourself as the main dancer in a special performance, dealing with the challenges the boss throws at you.

The key to winning is knowing when to dodge their moves or when to strike back. This detailed understanding turns each boss battle into a skillful and strategic show, making the game even more thrilling.